Former Creative Director of Gears of War: Judgment calls next-gen console launch titles 'generic'

DSOGaming writes: "As Adrian claimed a couple of hours ago, the launch titles for both Xbox One and PS4 are nothing to write home about. In fact, Adrian described both Killzone and Ryse as generic titles that have nothing really special to offer."

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GarrusVakarian1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

They are launch titles, designed to sell the systems, little more than that. People need to remember past launch titles for past consoles, they are rarely ever ground breaking. Those kinds of games come in the few years after launch.

I also find it EXTREMELY ironic that the creative director for Gears Of War:Judgement has the nerve to say that next gen launch titles are generic.

snipab8t1822d ago

Yep Gears Judgement was so disappointing, they tried too hard to copy EPIC and didn't change the formula enough. Also they built the whole thing for coop not singleplayer which sucked.

cleft51822d ago

Yes Judgement was a very meh game. It's always interesting when game developers that haven't made anything spectacular start criticizing other aspects of the video games industry.

It would be one thing if they had done something great recently, but all of these critics seems to be has beens or never was developers. Certainly the guy is entitled to his opinion, but it would be nice if he actually released a critically acclaimed game recently or ever, before he starts making these sort of random statements.

STREET x KING1822d ago

Gotta agree here, Judgment was the worst gears game made. Gears3 looks and plays better too. And this really pissed me off, who the hell launches a gears game, which have big MP communities, with 4 versus maps!?!?! Ridiculous!!!! I remember the Epic Games forums exploding with rage when they found out haha it was funny to read.

guitarded771822d ago

Being called "generic" by the creator of the most generic Gears game doesn't mean much. I love me some Gears, but come on.

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Septic1822d ago

Gotta agree there. You can't really expect a ground-breaking game to be released at a launch of a console with the exception of a few games (Super Mario 64, Halo CE etc).

I don't know why he cites Resistance as proof to the contrary in this generation. I thought that, apart from the setting, it was pretty generic. Killzone seems far more interesting to me. Condemned was interesting yeah but was it that innovative to take it past the realms of being generic?

Generic or not, ultimately what matters is if these games are fun and a lot of the launch titles look set to deliver a lot of enjoyment.

This has to be one of the best starts to a generation ever, with the X1 and PS4 battling it out and with loads of incredible first and third party games:

* Ryse
* Killzone
* Knack
* Forza
* Killer Instinct
* Dead Rising 3
* PGR5
* Battlefield 4
* COD (to a lesser degree)
Among others

And soon afterwards, we'll have Infamous, Project Spark and Titanfall.

CRAIG6671822d ago

You hit the nail on the head, why does it have to be about innovation at launch... well it doesn't.

Fun is everything.

PS4 and XB1 have plenty of games that will be fun at launch.

Septic1822d ago

Haha sorry meant Forza lol. My bad

JokesOnYou1822d ago

Gears Judgement wasn't bad but it was definitely the worst of the series and I don't see anything truly special about his resume so he should just shut the hell up.

Campy da Camper1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Exactly. What did I pick up on the 360 launch day? King Kong and Perfect Dark Zero Lol. That was what I popped my last gen cherry on.

Now, I have killzone, acbf, knack and some other titles. Groundbreaking? No. But I'll take KZ and ACBF over King Kong any day.

JackISbacK1821d ago

no he is kind of right ,i will not complain his involvement in gears but it is true i have played all of those game kz shadow fall is weaker than amzing games that we use to play like farcry,cod and bf it does not bring anything new to table leaving it graphics which is also not a very big jump ,and also with ryse .what ever it is best looking next gen title it is also not anything new ,it playes like every other hack and slash that we use to play,what ever it can be both stories can be amzing set perfectlly with amazing voice acting but is not anything new ,iam expecting titanfall and order to be new ,we dont know much about order but i expect it to be more than just graphics and not other gears of war.and ac black flag ,what ever it may can be great game as i'am a long time fan of series it is also not anything new weter its is fun to play and graphics looks good but not a big jump and gameplay is not a wow yhat you say "its anext gen assassins creed".but this ue can expect from next ac as it will be only on next gen and will bring some really new next gen gameplay.

Campy da Camper1822d ago

Exactly. What did I pick up on the 360 launch day? King Kong and Perfect Dark Zero Lol. That was what I popped my last gen cherry on.

Now, have killzone, acbf, knack and some other titles. Groundbreaking? No. But I'll take KZ and ACBF over King King any day.

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Wizziokid1822d ago

Well make something that isn't generic then instead of complaining??

Snookies121822d ago

That's too much work lol.

CRAIG6671822d ago

That's the irony really "devs can't think of anything innovative, oh wait... doh!"

IRetrouk1822d ago

Lol says the guy who helped make the wost gears out of the four

Mikelarry1822d ago

the "CREATIVE" director of gears of war judgement that less than stellar game compared to previous titles is calling launch titles generic, yup i have seen everything

yellowgerbil1822d ago

Contrast is in no way looking Generic. The rest of the lineup is blah for me, but I'm not a shooter fan. Infamous is what I am waiting for.

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