New Screenshots and 3-D Concept Art for ‘The Evil Within’

With Halloween fast approaching, Bethesda have released some new screenshots and 3-D concept arts on BethBlog for their upcoming survival-horror, The Evil Within. The screenshots are equally terrifying and gory, and show the brutality you will come to expect facing the monsters in The Evil Within.

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Mr_cheese1822d ago

The concept art looks great, reminds me a little of Hostel. It looks like there is a lot of detail being put into this and hopefully it can feel as the concept looks.

Braid1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I've been very curious about this game but the latest gameplay trailers kind of indicate that it'll be a familiar mixture of Resident Evil and Silent Hill rather than a refreshing horror game that puts something new to the table. I still loved the atmosphere though, definitely picking this up when it comes out as I'm a sucker for horror games.

On a side note- I'd advise gamers who like this title to play "Silent Hill Downpour" (which I believe is one of the underrated/overlooked games of this generation) in the meantime, it's nothing like the classic SH games but a solid horror game on its own right.