Just in Time for Halloween - New Screenshots of The Evil Within

With Halloween just around the corner, Bethesda shares some brand new screenshots from the 2014 game.

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Stuntz1911d ago

This game looks very good i really really hope they do an amazing job. I have been looking for a scary game for such a long time since Resident Evil is just not the same anymore sadly.. This game has been on my radar since they announced it, cant wait to hear more on it.

hankmoody1911d ago

If you haven't played the original Dead Space, get on that. It's genuinely frightening and has fantastic surround sound if you've got a set up.

WeAreLegion1911d ago

So freakin' excited for this! I'm hoping this generation sees a big comeback for the horror genre. JRPG's, too. ;)

Dante811911d ago

Does anyone else get hungry seeing these?

serratos271911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

My stomach is growling ugh someone feed mehh