Metal Gear Online Beta Sign-up fixed

The most frustrating thing about the Metal Gear Online beta hasn't been the broken beta keys, the huge patch and client download or even the delay. It's trying to get a Konami ID from a website that simply refuses to work. Thankfully, that's in the past. Konami has retooled the ID registration website to be much more streamline and, as a result, much faster for all involved.

So if you haven't managed to get your hands on a Konami ID, now's your chance. Make sure you get one before Friday the 25th so that you can jump straight in once the beta begins. So long as it doesn't get delayed again, that is

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Crazyglues3832d ago

I really can't wait to start this beta already... Fingers crossed and hoping everything goes great for the re-launch this Friday.

Pornlord3832d ago

I had a little trouble, it was slightly annoying, but I'm glad to see konami at least is paying attention and fixing the problem. Doesn't help me much since I already have an ID. :) Can't wait for it!!!!

hotshot1273832d ago

how many hardcore mgs fans in here are going to do the beta?

because one half of me really wants to do it and then the other half just doesnt want anything to do with mgs until the full release.

what would you guys suggest on here? should i just do it and not get that same rush that i would get JUST LEARNING THE CONTROLS on mgs's release or just play the beta.

and not to mention i've seen too many trailers of the game. be honest people, what would you do?

Fishy Fingers3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

I'm die hard and I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on the beta.

I don't think it will effect MGS4 for me, if anything it may make the beginning more enjoyable. MGO will allow me to familiarize myself with the control and gameplay mechanics. MGS4 will still be better graphics and what not so it'll still be a real pleasure on the eye/ears/mind (DS3 trickery).

I guess its down to you. But if the question were, do you think MGO will spoil MGS4 for you? Id say no..

Pornlord3832d ago

You know, I never thought of it like that, I agree, maybe playing it would take something away from the single player campaign when you get it. But, then again, Multiplayer experience may differ from single. As it states on so many game titles so, who knows. I'm an MGS fan, and I'm gonna at least give the beta a shot. Although, I'm not a fan of FPS multi really. Just for the experience of being some of the first to play it.

Wildarmsjecht3832d ago

My clan from COD waited till midnite April 21st to get into the beta. We're feening for MGS4 and MGO is kind of like our energy drink to keep us going. Not to mention, we did pretty well as a group in COD and we hope to emulate that in MGO and Socom later this year. In essence, I don't think MGS4 will be ruined if I play the beta. There's a 75% chance that I won't even touch MGO until I've played a good 5-6 hours of MGS4 in one sitting first. When that is complete, then you'll see me on there. That way, I can at least familiarize myself with the button lay out and the game play mechanics and quite possibly, some pre-emptive tactics so when I do jump into the game hours later than most, I won't be so left behind.

xionpunk3832d ago


Dark General3832d ago

I'm sure the online won't be as close to MGS4 as some people think it will. I think it'll be like modern multiplayer games of today with some Metal Gear charm to it.

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Parappa083832d ago

so they fixed the sign up thing and the beta is coming out on friday? cool

finally theyre gettin there heads together. took them enough time

dsolomon8183832d ago

if you try the beta look for quinton_flynn88, i'll be sneaking and popping necks till the beta closes. first time i've been excited about online gaming.

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