EA has “tactical programs” in the works with Sony, sees itself as platform-agnostic

Despite several recent exclusivity deals with Microsoft, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau rejects accusations the company is “tilting Microsoft’s way” and claims unannounced “tactical programs” between the company and Sony will “make things much more balanced”.

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djplonker1822d ago

They have alot to do if they want to be impartial

Battlefield 4′s Second Assault DLC, Peggle 2, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare and Titanfall.

eventually bringing any of the above (excluding bf4 dlc) to ps4 will not be enough!

come_bom1822d ago

Just like Ubisoft favors Sony platforms.

thekhurg1822d ago

Timed exclusive content vs entire exclusive GAMES.

Yep, exactly the same...


come_bom1822d ago

"Timed exclusive content vs entire exclusive GAMES."

I guess the Assassin's Creed game made for the PS Vita doesn't count as a full game! /s

Assassin's Creed III Liberation is a full game and only next year it's being released on other platforms.

* rolleyes and shakes head *

dragonyght1822d ago

"I guess the Assassin's Creed game made for the PS Vita doesn't count as a full game! /s "

so what you are saying that they should have released AC3 liberation on the xbox handheld lol-_-

come_bom1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"so what you are saying that they should have released AC3 liberation on the xbox handheld lol-_- "

It's not a handheld game. No game is a handheld game, since it can be ported to other platforms... witch is the case of AC3 liberation. It's being released for X360, PS3 and PC next year. Ignorance is bliss.

DevilishSix1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"No handheld game is a handheld game because it can be ported".

In all the years I have been on here that is the dumbest comment in the history of comments. WTF

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Thehyph1822d ago

No joke, Peggle 2 needs to be on ps4 ASAP.

Those games are like crack.

1822d ago
iamnsuperman1822d ago

He can reject it all he likes but it's the action that show the motives. I don't mind if EA does this as they are a company and this is a business but don't you dare out right treat your consumers like idiots. You have to prepare for the backlash of your business choice and I think it will backfire (similar thing happened to Activision and the parallels between the two are uncanny)

hellzsupernova1822d ago

Don't forget fifa
That's huge in Europe

I cannot wait for the next bioware games, battlefield, and star wars,

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ZBlacktt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

"I think the Sony team has executed exceptionally well–and they did not execute particularly well on PS3, whereas last time around Microsoft executed perfectly."

3 years of RROD, putting out a console they knew had issues. But went for the worldwide launch anyway. Thus paying for it literally with over one billion dollars in repairs.

old news, but just wondering if he forgot.

Meanwhile, Sony may have not been prefect. Because they took a chance and gave the gaming world Blu-ray. Which ends up winning the format war. Giving the PS3 games like MGS4. Also all games came on one Blu-ray disc. Even GOTY editions. They gave us a console not only used for gaming. But was used around the world in real life technical applications ( searching for oil in the ocean, building super computers, Folding @ home, etc ). Now here at the start of Next Gen, both Sony and MS are using Blu-ray.

Hellsvacancy1822d ago

And EA can still kiss my arse

NateCole1822d ago

I just don't understand the tactic behind not having Titanfall on PS3 or PS4 though.

Activision understood the importance of having their cash cow(COD) on all platforms as well as their next gen cash cow Destiny.

EA has been wanting to emulate COD sales for ages and Titanfall was that property. Instead they cut it in the knees by not having it on the highest selling HD console this current gen (PS3) and on the future highest selling next gen console (PS4).

I really don't see any tactic behind this. Exposing your hottest new property to as many gamers is the best tactic which is exactly what Acti is doing for Destiny.

SniperControl1822d ago

That's because MS gave EA a bucket load of cash for timed exclusivity.
Don't believe in the BS about the power of the cloud, all it is dedicated servers, which Sony also have.

We will see Titanfall on PS4 in 6-12 months after release.

Skynetone1822d ago

it will be 1080p on the ps4 with a few bonuses, im surprised they didn't go multiplatform from the start this is the call of duty team after all and im sure they want to knock activision down a peg are two

Gamingcapacity1822d ago

@Nate, I agree with you. Activision will want TF to be a massive franchise and delaying it on the other consoles will have a knock on affect for future releases.
Examples Mass Effect and Bioshock.

Bioshock 1
PS3 - 1.2M
X360 - 2.7M

Bioshock 2
PS3 - 1.4M
X360 - 2.1M

Bioshock Infinite

PS3 - 1M
X360- 1.4M

Mass Effect 2

PS3 - 1.2M
X360 - 3M

Mass Effect 3

PS3 - 1.3M
X360 - 2.8M

So while MS might pay for timed exclusive, EA will pay in sales for all the future releases.

(Sales data taken from VG chartz)

SuperBlur1822d ago

Wait what ? Activision wanting TF to be a massive franchise?

Gamingcapacity1822d ago

Whoops! EA. Activision will want this to fall flat on its ass.

NateCole1822d ago

I know it will be on PS4 eventually. My point is it will significantly hamper Titanfall reach the sales that games like COD and destiny will reach which i believe is worth more.

I am not just talking about just the first iteration but future installments as well. Acti went all out with COD 4 and it established it as the biggest sales franchises this gen. Acti managed to do this by going all platforms from the get go to establish. It is the same thing they are doing with Destiny.

EA are just shooting Titanfall in the foot and leave the door wide open for Destiny, Watch Dogs and even Division to get a significant foothold on the PS4 over Titanfall when it will eventually release on PS4.

@Gaming Capacity. Exactly my point. The only difference this time around the early sales numbers will be with the PS4 and will likely remain that way for the entire gen. We have already seen how low Titan fall preorders are on the X1 and this is due mainly because there are not that many X1 preorders and will most likely be behind PS4 for this entire gen.

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Crossbones1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So EA, when is PS4 going to get some exclusive content or is M$ still F***ing yall in the a**.

nypifisel1822d ago

I think EA is pissing themselves now to be honest. They thought MS would be the big shot and winner this upcoming gen, but since the reveals and E3 I'm sure they're kicking themselves for betting on the wrong horse. They had probably been more pleasing towards MS and given Sony the cold hand alot, they're in total ass kissing mode on Sony now. I wouldn't be surprised if we heard within a year or so that "Sony and EA have an unprecedented relationship" or something of that like^^

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