Gamedaily: We Cheer Preview - Give us a W, give us an I, give us an I. What's that spell? Wii

Gamedaily writes: "Cheerleading has become a national pastime, whether it revolves around young girls trying out for a squad for the first time or middle-aged men ogling them at professional and college football games. It's a bit surprising, then, that the genre hasn't been visited that often in video games, outside of the hit Ouendan import games for Nintendo DS. Namco Bandai Games looks to change that later this year when We Cheer arrives for the Nintendo Wii.

This rhythm/music game puts you in the shoes of a spry young cheerleader, working alongside her squad to perform an intricate dance sequence. Instead of directly controlling the on-screen character, however, you instead mimic actions in the foreground. Red and blue lines appear in various patterns, requiring you to perform specific motions similar to those patterns. For instance, if a blue line starts flashing in a circle, you need to twirl around the Wii remote as if it were a real pom-pom. The game reads these motions carefully, and rates you depending on your precision and speed at the end of each song."

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