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Carbine Community Directory, Troy 'aether' Hewitt has a very important personal message to share with the Wildstar community.

This may come as a shock to some people and maybe not so much to others. But either way it will effect how certain things are done within Carbine, but the main question is....will it change people's perception to Wildstar?

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TotalOwnage1848d ago

This game has been in Beta for some time now has it not? I just keep waiting for a beta invite seems like everyone gets a beta but me. Must be nice to get this type of insider info.

teezy1848d ago

Good things come to those who wait :)
Yep it has been in beta for a while with a Spring 2014 release penned.

Looking to release the game as bug free as possible.

Vladious1848d ago

Isn't this game using the no targeting system. Kinda like an FPS?

teezy1848d ago

It's a hybrid targeting system.
Carbine Studios devs released a video demonstrating this system.

Also a description here:

1. Targeting. Some action MMO’s don’t actually allow the player to select a target, but simply will cause your player to attack in the direction of the camera. That’s not how WildStar works. You can select an enemy with your mouse and focus your attack. Once again, keep in mind, if you use a skill that has a free-form or AOE attack, other targets might get hit and this might mean extra enemies for you to fight off.