More Playsyde R:FOM Footage

Still from the Micromania Games Show, here is some gameplay of Resistance. This game is now officially done and will be there for launch as expected.

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Maddens Raiders4466d ago

Hmmm. Not bad. I'll take it because of the 40 player multi - function, while WISHING I was playing Guerilla's KZII (arrrggggh) rather than this. I'm not really into the whole "Man vs. Aliens" type thing, but it will suffice in the interim I guess.
BTW I saw the new PS3 commercial with the exploding Rubik's cube during the Wizards / Cavaliers game tonight. It's ALOT better than that crybaby!!!

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beans4466d ago

This game reminds me of COD2 and Halflife2! I guess I will have to wait until I play it to see if it's any good! For me whenever a game looks ok I like to play it rather than listen to reviews! There have been to many great games that reviews have ruined in the past!

jwatt4465d ago

For a launch title this is pretty impressive.

foxone4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

ive been thinking the same thing, since that rooftop demo lastweek,
COD2 + alien weapons

FirstknighT4465d ago

wow...war torn streets...aliens...oh yeah, this in no way looks like call of duty with aliens :p

What happend with the Rocket Launcher? It looked like the 2 first shots didn't explode.

Well with all the videos I seen, sorry, but not impressed. It totally does look like Call of Duty w/ aliens. Oh well, I'm sure it will still be fun but nothing special.

I'm a FPS fan so I'll still play it if I get the chance.

xboxlj4465d ago

The physics in this game seem to be very unrealistic. When he walks into the vehicle at the beggining of the video it moves as if it were a wooden crate. Also the first to shots of the rocket launcher does not explode or even leave a mark when it hits the building, only when he hits the target does it explode. And the target exploded into a million pieces.
I personally feel that the developers could have put in more effort into the physics engine. That is really what make a game more immersive in my opinion.

FadeToBlack4465d ago

I love every aspect of this game except the physics and enemy reaction to being hit with fire. They really dont react natuarally and they just kinda drop the same way everytime they die. Thats my only disapointment with this game. I think i will hold off on the ps3 till next year when more games come out.