MotorStorm Complete makes retail appearance

Darkzero writes: "Over on Play-Asia a game called MotorStorm Complete has appeared, and is currently been sold for US$ 49.90 (€31.55) by the site. The site comments the game will be released May 22, 2008 in Japan.

So, what exactly is MotorStorm Complete? Well, the site itself does not comment on what the disc contains, but judging by the name we'd guess that it could be the normal Motorstorm, but with all the DLC included on disc with it."

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Killjoy30003835d ago

wow this is great. now all sony needs to do is open up a greatest hits chain of games such as heavenly sword, resistance, and of course motorstorm. Itd be great to get these gems at 20$ seeing as how I'm not willing to spend 60$ on outdated/short games. I wanna buy heavenly sword because it's a classic ps3 title and pretty much a must-have, but i don't wanna spend 60 bucks for 6 hours.

himdeel3835d ago

...but I'd be willing to pay up to $30 for these games...maybe even $40 if I didn't eat out that week.

resistance1003835d ago

Nice so i take it thats motorstorm with all the downloadable stuff already on =D. I would recomend that for everyone who hasn't already played this gem

Jim Crowslaw3835d ago

killjoy u deserve a bubble for that post. i totally agree wit everything u wrote

monkey6023835d ago

I love Motorstorm but it'll never truely be complete unless this has splitscreen

Megaton3835d ago

Definitely. I'd play that game so much more if I could do split screen with friends.

Kain813835d ago

i believe that evolution studios has confirmed 4 splitscreen player.
Motorstorm 2 will be released in Nov/Dec

Honolulu3835d ago

Add splitscreen-multiplayer on top of the DLC and you have a much more complete game than it was when originally released, robust I'd even go as far to say.
I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had a ps3 of my own if splitscreen is included, had a lot of fun with Motorstorm at my old office. :)

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