Xbox 360 Motion Sensitive Controls Like Sony PS3: Is this needed?

The Sony PS3 has had motion sensitive controls from day one and while they are not as good as the Nintendo Wii's, it's still something extra.

The question would be how much motion sensitive controls is really needed on games consoles like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, to be honest I never use the tilt feature on my PS3 and would of liked the rumble from day one instead of motion sensitive controls.

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riddlesticks3831d ago

"I never use the tilt feature on my PS3 and would of liked the rumble from day one instead of motion sensitive controls."

ok well i think the motion thing that much but i still think its a good thing to have... its fun at times using it in warhawk but yeh DS3 with rumble is imo a definite improvement also with the motion controls...

tbh i dont think the xbox really needs it, like the ps3 dosent really need it anyway...

fenderputty3831d ago

It worked REALLY well with R&C and RFOM. I thought it was used nicely in Uncharted as well. Folklore uses it well also. It's not something that's going to be a main point of a game but, it's nice to use it sometimes.

Having the option is better then not having it. I understand some people might not care but, others will. Why is adding a funtionality to a console bad? Bringing something new is really only going to make the console better. This would in no way be a bad thing and should be welcomed by all 360 fans.

SUP3R3831d ago

Can someone explain how this is possible if it isn't initially programmed into the game?

dsolomon8183831d ago

the sensors themselves activate the directions for left stick. game just reacts like you're using thumbstick

mithril3831d ago

yes dsolomon818

but the problem with this kind of modification, you use the same channel of your analog stick.

the sixaxis use different channel, and possible to use sixaxis and analog in same time with two different functions.

BeaArthur3831d ago

This sounds like a completely useless feature. I only used the sixaxis when it is necessary and I feel that some games put too much emphasis on it. I could easily live without it on the PS3 and would not pick up one of these controllers for the 360.

fenderputty3831d ago

Yes ... for some people it's not something that's wanted but, for others it is. Why is this bad? What's wrong with offering some motion control options to the console? It's not like a game will require people to use that function since, it's not standard on all controllers.

Sometimes the motion control sucks. Its fun in a lot of instances though. RFOM used it well with the tags and the fire. Folklore used it well. Uncharted used it well with the grenades and the balancing. R&C used it well with the mini-games. Warhawk and Motorstorm are both games that are fun to use it on as long as you're not being competitive. I've tried to beat every level in motorstorm that I've won with the sticks on motion control. Total blast. MGS4 should implement it nicely somehow.

It's a nice feature as long as it's not the main point and should be welcomed to any console. It can't hurt at at all.

yoghurt3831d ago

we like rumble and it is coming back, but it wasn't 100% sonys fault we couldn't use it before now, it was that lawsuit/disagreement thing.
anyhow, I find the motion sensitive controls good fun, as long as its not overused, using them in dark sector at the moment to control the glaive, really good

Jack Meahoffer3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

They paid the same settlement just later than Nintendo and MS. They thought they could strong arm their way to a better settlement. They tried to feed their fans the "Its not possible with motion controls" and "Rumble is last generation" bullshat. All they had to do was pay when Nintendo and MS did. Thats what happened spin it any way you want. No ones fault but Sony.

dsolomon8183831d ago

True, i was only explaining how its possible for this mod to work without motion support programmed into game

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