GameStop: "We're Getting Dual Shock 4 Controllers Early"

In checking around with the local stores, they say they're getting shipments of PS4 controllers early. That means you could snag yours very soon!

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joeyisback1846d ago

Hopefully the one near me gets them

FamilyGuy1846d ago

I'd be buying one early if it weren't for the one pre-packaged in my ps4. I don't need two controllers for now.

ZodTheRipper1846d ago

I need at least 2 in the beginning end of 2013 I might already have 4. Mine will be the red one, noone may touch it :P

darthv721845d ago

I'd buy one just for my PS3. Plus it is cool to have.

Iltapalanyymi1845d ago

yea m8. i hope my nearest gets too.

Campy da Camper1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Aaagghh. I want one so bad but don't want to spoil the surprise on 11/15/2013. Lol all i have left for ps3 gaming is batman on Friday so I need to wait. I need to wait. I need to wait!


MultiConsoleGamer1846d ago

I was just going to post something about this.

It seems they are arriving early at other retailers too.

Stringerbell1846d ago

Oh great the trust employees can open them up, check em out, and plaster new stickers all over the controllers just in case us idiots forget what we are buying.

HebrewHammer1846d ago

Unfortunately, you're right. Worked at GameStop a few years back. Employees have a tendency to take products home and bring them back - sell 'em as new.

Not that case with DS4's though - as that packaging is impossible to duplicate. But games? Absolutely.

Klonopin1846d ago

THAT is why I hate GameStop. When I buy a new game I expect the cellophane wrapper to be on that game case just like when it came out of the factory. If they want to display the new games they have availably why don't they just use mockup cardboard boxes and stash the new games in the back room.

isarai1846d ago

That's why i always open my games as soon as i pay for them right in front of the register. on more than one occasion i had to demand a new copy cause it was plain to see i did not get the new copy i paid for. one time i opened the shrink wrap to find fingerprints on the disc and the online pass code torn in half, i just looked at the clerk and he knew, didn't have to say shit he just handed me a new copy

PaulyG1846d ago

I was at ebgames in canada today, and theyre already out for sale. Very nice and comfortable controller. Cant wait to actually have a ps4 to use with it

solidmasta1846d ago

Got my dualshock 4 this morning I live in montreal :) been playing uncharted.3. Beyond two soul. And infamous 2 work perfectly with ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.