The Digital Gaming Era: End of Hard Copies?

In our day and age of technology and innovation, a new era is upon us: the digital era. As technology progresses, we are beginning to realize the simplicity and convenience of downloading something, instead of going to the store to buy it.

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EBTpickle1845d ago

Digital is great, but when internet providers wise up to 50GB next-gen game downloads and they start capping data we're pretty much at their mercy. In an all digital future anyways.

Mr_cheese1845d ago

I can't see hard copies going out anytime soon. I personally love owning the physical product, being able to look at it in a bigger collection and see the case art as well as manuel etc. It's just my preference and as long as the hard copy is available, I will continue to buy.

Nyxus1845d ago

Same here. And it can be a lot cheaper as stores compete against each other and want to clear their stock. Also, it ensures I will always have complete control over my own games.

ravinash1845d ago

I might be old and set in my ways, but it just feels right to have hard copy.
That way, no matter what happens, as long as I have a working console and the game disk, I can still play it.

problem with digital is what happens in 20 years time if you want to pull out that old game, but it's no longer there to download?

skydragoonity1845d ago

Hard copies will be around for a long time

-Foxtrot1845d ago

Honestly I will always want Physical copies of games, I just like the idea of having the disc in my hand and popping it into my console. It's like you own it after paying for it.

The thing with digital is how long it takes to download and the fact it uses memory space. I mean games in the future will have bigger and bigger file sizes and yeah we might have better hard drives but if the file sizes get bigger then it's not going to make much of a difference.

Godmars2901845d ago

This digital initiative is an industry thing: they want it and we the consumer have no choice but to accept it.

Or stop buying the product.

Hopefully such stubbornness doesn't kill the industry. Hopefully.

ravinash1845d ago

As long as people keep buying it, they will keep selling it.

That may not always be the case, but if anyone goes solely into digital and discovers their not getting the sales they expected, then hopefully this will show everyone else to keep a disk copy coming out.

They were saying when Blu-ray came out that it wasn't needed as digital was going to take over....still hasen't yet.

As the speeds of dowloads get faster and hard drives get bigger, the games are getting larger too.

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