7 Concepts Pokemon Should Never Do Again

For such a highly successful series, Pokemon still remains highly experimental by constantly adding new concepts. While the core gameplay remains the same, the method and means keep changing…and not for the better, at times. Since we’re entering the realm of digi-volving your Pokemon with some special ring, why don’t we look at seven ideas that didn’t quite pan out.
From HalfBeard's HUD.

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GenericNameHere1846d ago

1 - no comment. I NEVER used the Berry Crush EVER in Gen III

2 - EVs and IVs are still there, but I love the inclusion of Super Training. No more fighting the same old Pokémon 252 times for just one stat! And real men don't use Rare Candies! Real Pokémon Trainers grind the Elite Four over and over again!

3 - I don't know about you, but I just hatched a shiny Fennekin a few days in 48 eggs. Sure, I used MM, but the chances of finding a shiny that way is still less than 1%

4 - Darn. Vs Seeker not back in X/Y. We'll have to wait until the disc-loc... I mean remaster is released a year and a half later with Z

5 - If there's one thing I hate more about caves in Pokémom than Zubat, it's a gotdarn horde of Mime Jrs that slow down the frame rate

6 - 4 moves is okay by me. It's perfect the way it is. A Swords Dance and an attacking move. What do you need 5 moves for?

7 - I also personally hated the contests in Hoenn and Sinnoh. Didn't care about them. Good thing they haven't been back since.

One thing I gotta add though. For the love of Arceus, please remove Cut as an HM. Just give the MC a key item like a hedge clipper or something. Cut is a useless and wasteful move. I feel embarrassed letting my HM Slaves learn that move.