NBA 2K14 vs. NBA Live 14: Trailer Face-Off

IGN:Both next-gen hoops games dropped their first gameplay trailer. So which game is looking better?

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RealGamerspeaks1825d ago

wow 2k14 killing live easily.....

Neoninja1825d ago

Purely judging from the video 2k14 looks graphically better than Live. Perhaps live will have better gameplay, but that's doubtful given past performances.

sigfredod1825d ago

Graphically 2k14 win the trailer showdown easily, but on sports the gameplay is way more important so i will try both and decide wich to buy

Godhimself_In_3d1825d ago

totally with sigfredod on this one

nevin11825d ago

Trailers don't represent how the game actually plays.(or looks)

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