Need for Speed: Rivals Exclusive Rapid Response Hands-On Gameplay - Team VVV

VVV: "In this video, Alan takes part in an online response event before engaging in a Hot Pursuit for a classic, adrenaline-filled Need for Speed cop vs. racers chase experience, taking down crims while admiring the lavish scenery powered by Frostbite 3."

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Visualift1825d ago

This game looks phenomenal.


I agree, does look good, maybe I'll end up picking this up, as I always enjoy some good driving action with other people.

Visualift1824d ago

What's your PSN? Mine is BobLaBlah and I'll be online playing!


@Visualift it's helrazor343

Retroman1825d ago

What this game lack and criterions HOTPURSUIT lacked was point a to point b racing. what i mean is original hotpursuit 2 had race from starting line to finish line with cops race over. but in criterion and rival you never know when the race is over continuation of racing. im sure sales wise it will be better than criterions 2 attempts.

still day 1 for me

LackTrue4K1825d ago

your right!!!!! i miss that!!!! just that game mode alone was so much fun! :D

jukins1825d ago

with the drive club delay this game has moved up on my gamefly list.

ZodTheRipper1825d ago

I didn't even consider it before :D
They are very lucky that Drive Club and the Crew both got delayed.


I do miss some of that cheesy story and cutscenes (ala the first Most Wanted), although this is kind of going back to the original feel of the earlier (I'm talking NFS 1 & 2, Hot Pursuit 1 & 2 PS1 era) titles. That's just the kind of vibe I'm getting from this.

Retroman1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

I would LOVE!!!! to feel those vibes in RIVAL especially NFS 1&2 hot pursuit 2 FEEL IN RIVAL but in my personal opinion its not there. dont get me wrong graphic out standing but far as gameplay not there. has a stale taste of BURNOUT still in the mist of things. long as ALEX WARD attached to NFS along with Ghost games studio it will always feel like BURNOUT.

TacticAce1825d ago

This was worth the look and really gives me a good idea of what the game will be, I think it will be great.

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