Deals: GameStop’s Black Friday ad dissected in its entirety, includes some nifty deals

With the organization help of DealNews, Pixel Enemy dissects GameStop's Black Friday deals and picks out the cream of the discounted crop.

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TechMech21912d ago

30$ for playstation plus would be nice

Nitrowolf21912d ago

Honestly, I am going to hold off on BF4 now. For only $30 for the PS3 version, I am essentially paying $40 for two versions of the game then. Def getting PS+ cards though

rainslacker1911d ago

I'll probably pick that up, and maybe a couple discounted games. Already have 2 years worth of PS+ stocked up, but $30 is a good price.:)

OrangePowerz1912d ago

Good deal on PSN+, little money for a lot of content.

DEEBO1912d ago

Two playstation plus cards for 60 dollars boom!
My ps4 will be set.

PSnation41912d ago

buy 2 get 1 free deal interests me.. maybe its tht time to get a preowned wii u, 3ds, vita

thehobbyist1911d ago

buy 2 get 1 free is probably gonna be for used games. As that's the deal they're running right now.

Thatlalala1911d ago

They are for used hardware also. Free item has to be same or less price then the cheapest purchase. Source. I work there.


the ps+ deal is PREMO stuff. the rest of the list i honestly couldnt care less about. the only thing i really have my eye on from gamestop is a steal on the "fat models" of current gen hardware. i would easily pick up a fat 360 for $50-60. PS3 for about $70 maybe.

unless they price current gen hardware at dirt cheap, my focus is all next-gen with the ps4

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The story is too old to be commented.