Xbox One Pre Launch Store Display Photos

As part of their coverage of the pending launch of the Xbox One, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an assortment of boxed display items.

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BobBelcher1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Can't wait for these consoles (PS4/XB1) to come out already.


don't wanna hurt your e-feelings but the ps4 is lightyears ahead of the x1 design wise.

snipab8t1822d ago

Distance between USA and Japan: ~6,300 miles.

Distance of 1 lightyear: ~6 trillion miles.

Either your math is off or you have no understanding of what a lightyear actually means.

Gekko361822d ago

@All When it comes to looks, it's all down to personal taste.

One persons "Art" is another persons "Pile of shite".

They are both rectangular, both black and have shiny buttons and who doesn't like shiny buttons!!

How about they make identical looking boxes next time, one with the Japanese Flag on it and one with the American Flag on it.

Withold every last scrap of information about specs etc on both boxes.

Then get every N4G and NeoGaf user under one roof, arm them with various weapons of certain death and secretly film them.

Use different cuts of the carnage to advertise the consoles.

Just a thought...

Garethvk1822d ago

I agree about it being silly to say one looks better than the other when they are both black boxes. The key is going to be on how the perform and especially which one is going to have the best original titles. I do with Microsoft would stop throwing all that money at Activision to ensure that every Call of Duty Commercial has the Xbox logo attached to it.

We know it is not an exclusive so stip trying to make it seem like if you do not play on an Xbox you will miss out and put the money to actually developing an exclusive.

I know, it is nit picking but it is something that bugs me.