Empire Magazine: PlayStation 4 Launch Preview

In the race for next generation console domination, it's hard to find fault with Sony's PlayStation 4 launch campaign so far. A low price of £349 RRP coupled with assurances of user privacy, no restrictions on pre-owned rights, and an open platform for developers to publish their games has done wonders for winning over audiences.

Admittedly, a lot of the announcements since the initial February reveal have capitalised more on what rival Microsoft has done wrong - or been perceived to have done wrong - than what Sony has necessarily done right. Yet there's no denying the upcoming console carries with it an air of maturity and confidence,

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MultiConsoleGamer1912d ago

I'm taking the week off from work.

HelpfulGamer1912d ago

"the PS4 is all about inclusion"

Waiting for Japanese Launch Titles!

TheFutureIsBlue1911d ago

I wish I could, lol. I will probably leave work early though. Plus I will be off a lot in Novemeber and December so all is well. Killzone Shadow Fall will consume my life =D

1911d ago
ShadowGhost1911d ago

I tried to take a week off from work, but my boss was being a douche to me and would not let me because of how close it was towards Thanksgiving since we're gonna be busy. I will only be able to get 3 days at least so at least it's better than nothing lol.

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OrangePowerz1911d ago

They need to update the article a bit to remove Watch Dogs and DriveClub from the launch games list. Other than that I can`t wait for the console to come out :)