Bathurst coming soon to iRacing in new build

VVV: "Adding the Bathurst track seems to be an unwritten rule for new racing games this year. Both Forza Motorsport 5 and Gran Turismo 6 will finally feature the legendary Aussie racing circuit for the first time in each series. Soon after, iRacing also announced the inclusion of Bathurst, but no time frame was given for its eventual release.

iRacers won't have long to wait now, however, as it has been announced that the challenging circuit will be available to purchase for subscribers in the next build of iRacing due for release later this week. To make the wait that little bit more agonising, a tasty selection of new screenshots depicting iRacing's Bathurst have been released to accompany the announcement"

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ATi_Elite1873d ago

I wanna see iRacing expand to the Consoles if the consoles are capable of RUNNING IT.

That way Consolers can drive THE REAL RACING SIMULATOR against PC Gamers.

I'm sure the PS4 along with it's power and Sony's ideal cross platform policies can make it.

XB1 NOT so much, the power is there but Microosft has ISSUES with cross platform play and wanting to charge Devs money for UPDATES and other Silly stuff.

iRacing is real Racers, F1, Nascar, and other hang out.