The 10 Best Nintendo Games No One Played

Todd Ciolek writes: "Videogames come and videogames go, but nothing will ever hold sway over an entire generation like the good ol' Nintendo Entertainment System. Some estimate that 800 NES games were released for the system from 1985 to 1995; far too many for us to process. If you had a normal childhood, you invariably missed a lot of good NES games, unless you were that hopelessly spoiled kid who owned every single release and had Super Mario Bros. 3 imported from Japan a year before everyone else got it. Then he charged his friends a quarter per life to play it, the little shit. No one liked that kid.

Yet today, each of us can be that kid. The vast majority of NES cartridges are dirt cheap on eBay, and emulators allow to us to play just about anything from the Ninja Gaiden trilogy to cult hits like Crystalis and River City Ransom. Perhaps now's the time to make it up to the games we ignored because they didn't have pretty box art or prominent advertising or Vanilla Ice tie-ins. Here at Topless Robot, we're starting with these."

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Tempist3830d ago

Damn those are some interesting and bizarre games on that list. I actually no want to seek them out to play them.