Will GTA IV's Success Outweigh Its Controversy?

A thoughtful look at whether GTA IV's impending cash bonanza will be a boon to gaining mainstream acceptance for the industry, or a detriment.

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predator3926d ago

biggest game yet this gen, as long as us gamers enjoy it doesnt matter what happens around it as long as it doesn't effect the game

kosha3926d ago

Yeah i dont care what the newspapers articles say about this game as long as they dont try to ban it. If they do then i will be forced to grab my pitchfork and join the angry mob and start rioting

Erasmus3926d ago

can't wait to see how much the mainstream press tries to destroy it, of course there's no stopping gta

Pornlord3926d ago

Trying to stop GTA is like the criminalization of Marijanna in a way. No matter what you campaign, you have the same chance of stopping GTA as you do stopping kids from masturbating and smoking. It's personal choices and the fact that the media swarm it only wants to make the audience they are trying to protect want it that much more :)

PimpHandHappy3926d ago

is its success

its why everyone loves the game

its the things you can do in the game that makes it so fun

Be it taking my money back from the hookers or killing as many cops as a i can

so yea its success will far out wieght its controversy for ppl that play the game instead of just talk about it

Erasmus3926d ago

I think the hardcore gamers really appreciate gta for the quality experienc that it is, and don't just buy it for its taboo appeal.

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