Goldman says video-game sales have peaked

Concerns voiced about 2008 release slate; GameStop shares downgraded

Just days after a stronger-than-expected sales report for March, a Goldman Sachs analyst says it's likely that video-game sales have peaked, setting up difficult comparisons for the sector and, potentially, making stock-price appreciation problematic.

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SUP3R3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

"While the much anticipated release of GTA IV at the end of April is expected to produce record sales, and Wii Fit, slated for May, is also expected to be a blockbuster, the remainder of the year lacks any big releases, and comparisons get tougher throughout the year as we lap titles such as Halo 3 and Guitar Hero 3,"

[email protected] big releases after GTAIV.

Ok 'Higginbotham' whatever you say lol.

IntelligentAj3884d ago

Yeah okay. I don't game sales have peaked. Not on the eve of major blockbuster from both the 360 and PS3. Come back next year with that nonsense.

Danja3884d ago

Sure ..GTA4 has yet to be released

Wii Fit for the Wii....


not to mention that the big exclusives of the fall aren't here yet..

RFOM2 + GeOW2 + KZ2 possibly

IdleLeeSiuLung3884d ago

Although this is also a good year for gaming, I think that to beat last year we will need a number of good hits on the size of Halo, CoD and GTA series. I don't see any coming this year after GTA.

The casual gaming market is probably just bounce along as Wii demand is being met. So what other catalyst do we have to top last years sales?

This is not about what great game is coming out for gamers, but what will get people to buy a lot of games on the same scale as last year? it is all about the sales. I'm certianly excited about Ninja Gaiden 2, Gears of War 2, C&C Tiberium and maybe Metal Gear Solid 4....

DevonTheDude5353884d ago

What about CoD5? Every year since the 360 came out a CoD has been released.

IdleLeeSiuLung3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

CoD 3 was pretty big and no doubt CoD5 probably will too, but remember even with CoD 4 developed by Infinity Ward, Activision had to lower their price 33% on all platforms to reach that level of sales.

CoD5 is WW2 and developed by Treyarch, which makes good games, but not as good as Infinity Ward on a sales and acclaim basis. Other than, MGS4 I do not see any huge releases from Sony this year (MS has Gears of War 2, but that is about it). By that I mean epic proportions, not a game you anticipate, but the kind that the masses will buy and will sell more than 1-5+ million in a 1-3 months. Not many games do this....

On top of my head, last year we had:

- Mario Galaxy
- Halo
- CoD
- Guitar Hero
- Rock Band (I think this one sold fairly well)
- Mass Effect

It is going to be hard to top last year in sales. A lot of the increase in sales were not software alone, but also hardware especially the wii. Every soccer mother and grandmother bought one. guess where they are sitting now, dusting in a corner. That is why Wii's software sale is so low even when Nintendo account for the included Wii Sports.

jinn3884d ago

fastest growing industry

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