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Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'When a game this colourful begins to bore after a quick 15 minute play session, clearly, there’s a problem. Knack has all the tools necessary to appeal to children: a fantastical hero, charming visuals and simple controls. But compared to the titles many of us grew up playing as a child – and Cerny developed, no less – Knack, as it stands, isn’t fit to be mentioned in the same breath.'

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CRAIG6671822d ago

Exactly, as I have said for months, looks boring.

CGI-Quality1822d ago

Even if you agree with his point of view, I give the previewer more credit than an internet goer with zero hands-on time.

CRAIG6671822d ago

Fair enough man... It might turn out awesome but if I do buy it, it will be 2nd hand on the cheap...

Mikelarry1822d ago

from your comment you have already made up your mind months ago but yet you still come to knack articles o repeat the same comment.

MazzingerZ1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I think spider are ugly today and won't touch them...when I was a kid I played with them...were spiders much cuter then? I don't think so...this is kind of the same

He just stopped appreciating those kind of games maybe and doing a comparision with a romantic memory of games it's a wrong way to write a Preview...if I compare any game today to the first Mario I would say it doesn't come close to the level of fun or Street Fighter, etc, etc

...If I played any of those old great games today I would say it's very difficult and gameplay sucks, controls and camera feel awkard, and so on because I'm now used to today's standards and I can't enjoy the game in the same way anymore

Regarding difficulty, he seems to have played the demo in the default difficulty, the game has different setting so all ages can enjoy it...his preview sucks

This from IGN, a real preview

"It was clear watching a demonstration of some new, never-before-seen areas of the game that Knack can be grueling and challenging, especially because you can adjust the difficulty settings to make it harder if its default difficulty isn’t up to snuff with your skill level. It was especially humorous to hear Cerny ruthlessly (but humorously) make fun of the Sony employee demonstrating the game as he spoke, pointing out an area she always dies in (and she did), and noting that she had to kick the difficulty down a notch to keep the demo moving smoothly"

Looking forward to KNACK!

Ketzicorn1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Really I think the only AAA launch exclusives that look like they have any lasting appeal now since Driveclub was moved are Killzone,Resogun and Forza maybe KI. The rest look like they will get boring after 10 minutes of cheap thrills.

malokevi1822d ago

I haven't seen many positive impressions from people who have played this game. I'm not even remotely considering it. Looking forward to seeing what the reviews have to sat, though.

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XboxFun1822d ago

Knack looks to be trying to capture that Mario charm or demographic. Except it just doesn't have that charm it's going after. From the gameplay demos and everything that I have seen it's just not that appealing at all.

If it is a kids title then this is even more of a problem. Kids have less patience than adults and if this can't even hold the attention of an adult then it will definitely not hold for a child.

CGI-Quality1822d ago

Considering your history, it's pointless for you to offer your "opinion" here. And your kids comment is just complete BS.

danny8181822d ago

I hope its good! cuz I preordered it