Nintendo Wii Launch Lineup Unveiled

Within the first five weeks of launch, Wii owners can pick from up to 62 games, representing the most diverse, and most exciting, console video game library available. Licensees and developers have lined up to support the Wii launch in unprecedented numbers. Wii and its Wii Remote completely change the way people play and experience video games by making every motion of the controller translate into action on the screen. All at once, Wii makes games both easier to play and more immersive. In the five weeks after Wii launches in the United States on Nov. 19, gamers of all ages and abilities will be telling their friends and family: "You've got to play this!"

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Islandkiwi4466d ago

I used to love my Turbografx. I hope they bring Streets of Rage and Tv sports football, they were great fun.

THWIP4466d ago

2/3 of those 62 games, are old games....either VC downloadables, or rehashes of games that have been out for quite a while.

zonetrooper54465d ago

Why have people voted lame when this beats the Xbox 360 and PS3 launch games lineup.

THWIP4465d ago

...but read my above post for a likely explanation.

Basically, if you take away the old rehashes, they don't have much. Factor in that most of the 3rd party games they have, will also be on 360 and PS3, and it's a mediocre lineup, at best.