Lair's "Dragons and Control Pack": Are We SOL on DLC? (G&P)

Patches to optimize network performance or remove an overlooked level exploit seem legitimate enough. But what are we to make of it when a developer "fixes" a game's entire control scheme?

As you may have guessed, the Dragons and Control Pack did indeed include a few new dragons for you to ride. What it also included was a completely revamped analog control scheme. Despite previous claims by both Sony and Factor 5's president, Julian Eggebrecht, that Lair's SIXAXIS controls fit the game perfectly, they've now decided to release "last-generation" analog controls via a content patch more than seven months later.

The convenience of DLC shouldn't tempt publishers to release half-baked products.

Author: Ed Kirchgessner

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mindedone3830d ago

To turn a positive like fixing a control schem into a negative.