Microsoft fixing fall 360 update

Citing problems in "less than one percent" of consoles, company is updating update; patch ready in 24 hours.

This week's Fall System Update for Xbox 360s went very smoothly...for 99 percent of console owners. For the remaining one percent, the past day has been nothing but a next-gen nightmare.

The update, which was released yesterday, added several new features to the Xbox 360's dashboard and the console itself, including 1080p resolution support. But for some Xbox 360 owners, it simply turned their consoles into a $400 paperweight.

Many among the Xbox modding scene believed the update crashed supped-up Xbox 360s, and was a message from Microsoft to modders to stop tinkering with the hardware. Microsoft weren't exactly forthcoming about the problem, but today the company broke its silence.

"A small percentage of consoles were affected negatively by the fall update (less than one percent have reported issues). We're working with those affected to get them back up and running, whether that be by providing another console, or fixing their existing console. We're committed to resolving this issue."

Microsoft expects to have the problem solved within the next 12-24 hours, according to the Microsoft's marketing team's Gamerscore Blog. Microsoft urges anyone in North America encountering problems with the update to call technical support at 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

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TheMART4465d ago

Yeah but the most funiest thing about it all is that 1080p through component/VGA doesn't work on Sony HDTV's.

Thats because of Sony, read this:

"Don’t these people read the specs BEFORE actually buying a new panel? It’s been known ever since the X series was released that it only accepts 1080p through HDMI. "

Nice Sony. Thanks for limiting people to use 1080p on your screens! All your hardware is plain rubbish.

Go buy a Samsung. Those screens have the same, if not better images, cost less and take 1080p through component/VGA.

Best bang for your bucks! And the update is really nice. Everything is smoothed out so great

Arkham4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

Straight from the mouth of Mr. Anti-Sony. You're a fool if you can't admit their XBR HDTVs are among the best, if not the best 1080P displays. Step outside of game fanboy forums and you'll see that.

If a person didn't know the specs of their tv before buying, the fault lies squarely on their shoulders.

There's nothing wrong with sticking with HDMI for 1080P, since that'll be the digital connection of choice in the coming years. Don't cry (foul) just because you're restricted to VGA and component. That's not Sony's fault.

Islandkiwi4465d ago

MS will release an Hdmi connection sooner than later, I'm sure. But I think the point was that MS was blamed yesterday for the error.

This doesn't affect me so I'm not 100% certain how or whether this was resolved. But the moral is to not jump to conclusions.

TheMART4465d ago

Well I find it nice if I have the choice to say if I want 1080p over HDMI, component or VGA.

Sony limiting it to HDMI has nothing to do with the digital connection of the coming years but:

limiting you in the future what you can play. Because they can direct material to use only if it's signed what they want. Total control. Big brother. Nice man enjoy it.

For all others out there that want 1080p over component or VGA, don't buy a Sony. Boycot the stinking rats. For real.

If you don't want to hear it don't reply. It's this way. Not everyone reads the small letters in the manual to see 1080p on a Sony only runs through HDMI. THe salesperson in the shop won't tell you!!!

So they find out now. ANd they may cry out if they're restricted to HDMI by Sony for 1080p

While Samsung and others play it through all other ports.

Boycot Sony stuff, buy Samsungs/Panasonics or anything else that can do 1080p on all ports.


Arkham4465d ago (Edited 4465d ago )

I suspect your incoherent ranting is based solely on the fact that you don't yet have an HDMI option. Thus, it's disregarded.

You ask "Why limit yourself to HDMI"? I ask, "Why limit yourself to analog" That's so last generation. ;)

Besides, MS admitted there's a problem and they're working on it. See that AV forum thread that was posted here recently. It's funny: One of your lackeys (Mickey Gee) in fact got pwned by the real AV guys there.

You guys all talk shyte. Get over yourselves. Why not enjoy discussing the pros of systems rather than the negatives of one specific system? Pure immaturity.

Anyway, if it's 100% Sony's fault, how come PC 1080p connections are just fine over VGA? There's probably just a simple fix that MS will release, problem solved.

Retard4465d ago

Nicely stated... It seems an unbais outspoken person is actually talking now.

dantesparda4465d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

These dude "TheMart" is too much! I think he might have been raped by Sony or something, because his disdain for Sony (and 99% of the other 360 fanboys on this site) is unbelievable. This dude is non-stop! He is seriously on MS d!ck (along with all the other fanboys on this site)

frostbite064464d ago

"Why limit yourself to analog"

Who said anything about limiting yourself to analog b/c i know the 360 doesnt

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Retard4465d ago

I thought they would get banned from XBL... Seems like... They... are... getting another Console for what Microsoft told them not to do in the first place... How... dumb...

TheMART4465d ago


It was not people with DVD FW hack that struck this. It was coïncidence all over all consoles around. People still thinking this were modders that got banned are a bit behind on reading up on it...

Arkham4465d ago

So essentially you're admitting that MS actually made a booboo?!

I don't believe it. Are you drunk? Someone write down the date! This is monumental.

Ooohhh... It was a 'coincidence'. Just a fluke. I see your rationaliztion. Never mind.

DJ4465d ago

Even when Microsoft screws up theMart still blames Sony. =P

VGA and Component are analog connections, which equals no HTCP compatibility once implemented. I think he's just mad that the PS3 has HDMI built-in and the 360 is stuck with inferior output (though very slight in the grand scheme of things).

Oxymoron Translation- Why limit yourself to the highest possible quality.

If only he knew what he was saying.

The Snake4465d ago

A different situation altogether, but when Dead Rising came out, people without HDTVs were complaining about not being able to read the text. They limited themselves to the highest quality and all they got were complaints. What if all next gen games were only playable on HDTVs? People would be complaining about being forced to upgrade their TV to play any new video games. There is a bad side to limiting yourself to only the highest quality, and this "1080p only through HDMI when it can be done just fine over component" trash is an example of this fact.

power of Green 4465d ago

This guy knows a lot of big words but he's not very smart save your breath and let him post so he'll leave if you respond he'll come back with more BULL.

BIadestarX4465d ago

Ok, I lost me there. So, you are saying Samsung and all other TVs supporting 1080P over component or VGA are all wrong for supporting it, but Sony (which happends to be the company you idolize and never does anything wrong). Are you fanboys going that low? Do you actually see this as a good thing? Wow! You are worst than what I thought.

dantesparda4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

"Power of Queens" calling somebody dumb, now thats rich! you can tell that power of queens is very young. And a super fanboy, even more so then KMart, and he is one of the most irrational persons on this site, at least Walmart is somewhat rational and the same for Bladestar, another super fanboy calling somebody else a fanboy. Wow! what hypocrisy from this Bladestar guy. But I bet that he doesnt even know what "hypocrisy" means. This site is rich, let me tell you's. Super rich! It nothing more than a fanboys battleground

DJ4464d ago

It's the reason that HDMI becoming standard in all HD devices. Component and VGA were here
first, but they're giving way to something that transmits a higher quality signal.

This is why I was completely confused by the comment "why limit yourself to HDMI". I doubt VGA or Component will disappear anytime soon, but these things do take time after all.
----------------------------- -------------
"So, you are saying Samsung and all other TVs supporting 1080P over component or VGA are all wrong for supporting it, but Sony (which happends to be the company you idolize and never does anything wrong)."

Why do you people always feel compelled to shove words into my mouth; is it because you've forgotten how to argue properly? I neither stated nor implied any of those statements. There's nothing wrong with using composite cables and playing videogames at 480i, so there shouldn't be any problem using Component or VGA to do the same. Some people aren't fortunate enough to have HDTVs with HDMI ports, but that's technology for you. It's always a mad race to catch up.

Blaming HDTV manufacturers for Microsoft's firmware update is a bit ackward though, and I think some of you have scapegoat issues.

power of Green 4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

You're like a teenager what's the point your right and everybody else is wrong. "More is better" If you have a TV that has HD abilities the more ways it can use HD divices; the better. Sony's short-cuts is Sony's fault. HDMI for the 360 is on the

DJ4464d ago

You do realize that, right?

"If you have a TV that has HD abilities the more ways it can use HD divices; the better. Sony's short-cuts is Sony's fault. HDMI for the 360 is on the"

I have an XBR in my house, and it has multiple Component Inputs, a VGA input, AND HDMI input. Your argument that Sony is somehow limiting consumers thus doesn't make any sense. By including every HD input known to man, that means that they didn't take any shortcuts.

You're blaming HDTV manufacturers for a software update that Microsoft just released a few days ago, while these TVs have been around for years. Instead of getting angry at Microsoft for not making an HTCP compliant console and not including HDMI output when even DirecTV boxes come with HDMI built-in, you get angry at Sony. Honestly, it's hilarious seeing you make a fool out of yourself.

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marionz4465d ago

if it was just normal consoles that went down thats a BIG concern! i thought this was all a joke to begin with but its kinda serious, i love my xbox and hope nothing like this happens to me! my update was fine tho, and sorry i dont see what this has to do with sony tvs, looks like someone is trying to divert the attention away from the real problem, all i can say is i HOPE it was modded xbox's that crashed! otherwise im gonna fear every update from now on!

Antan4465d ago

This truly is the best set of comments from you yet!!!!! Ridiculous!!! LOLOL.


What a classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, enough small talk. The update worked for me also.

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