Call of Duty 5 primarily set in Japan

DarkZero writes :We already know that Call of Duty 5 is in the works, and should be released later this year. We also have been informed that Treyarch will be going back to WWII instead of staying put in the Modern Warfare setting Infinity Ward created for the fourth game in the series. At the time of that revelation may were upset, seeing it as a step back from the great reaction COD4 got from critics and gamers alike.

However, recent info suggests that Treyarch will not be stepping straight back into familiar territory with their upcoming game, and will not be yet again placing the player in a European or American setting. They will instead be taking the battle over to Japan, and will likely put players in the shoes of soldiers who took part in the Pacific Campaign of World War II. The exact details of where the battles will take place still remain a mystery, but the focus of the CoD5 story will be on their side of the world rather than in Western Europe this time round"

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resistance1003831d ago

The fact its not being made by IW and its set in WWII again as put me right off it.

okcomputer3831d ago

Same here. I love cod4, its my favorite fps. But no iw, and reverting back to wwII equal no sale for me.

kosha3831d ago

but if they had to do a WW2 setting then i think japan is a good choice. I mean i dont wanna play another d-day section in a game ever again

BeaArthur3831d ago

I can't stand WW2 games, I don't know what it is about them but I can't get into them at all. As soon as I read that it was going back to WW2 I lost complete interest in Call of Duty 5.

Tempist3831d ago

Yeah... no more WWII... On to WWI!

Now that would be a fun and near impossible game to play. Running from trench to trench, trying to avoid MG nests and not suffocate from mustard gas.

It would be a fantastic change in pace.

That or the Korean War. Damn those wars are under represented in video games.

SCThor3831d ago

I wont buy it, I'll stick with COD4 until IW releases COD6. Thanks.

fenderputty3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

I'm not looking forward to COD5.

Firstly, it's back in WWII. I'm over it right there.

Secondly, it isn't being developed by IW.

Thirdly, even if it was developed by them, I don't know if I would want a game that has the same network issues as this one. The lack of dedicated servers, a good online mic system, a good party making system and a good friend making system have really put me off of COD4. I actually miss how easy and functional RFOM was.

Lastly, I've been upset with the expensive map packs, lack of a rumble patch and the lack of a patch that could fix these server issues (PS3 users didn't get that). They're raking in the cash and still seem to be rather lazy when it come to supporting the title.

This is really sad too. I loved playing the game and felt it was one of my favorite FPS. I just don't understand how a company can be so refined with it's single player and multiplayer aspects yet totally screw up everything else(network and support).

dan-boy3831d ago

they ruined cod3, and now they look set to ruin cod5! man cod4 is a beast on-line, and is imo one of the best on-line shooters that i've played. obviously off-line the whole series could do with some extras... co-op immediately springs to mind! the games could easily support 4player co-op, but heck, even 2player would be a start!

i'm not looking forward to this at-all now in all honesty! i hope i'm just being cynical!

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Ali_The_Brit3831d ago

this games going to SUCK, its going back to WW2, and made by the same people who made COD 3, NOT COD 4, COD 6 on the other hand will rule

BrianC62343831d ago

I agree. Ever play the Medal of Honor game that was in Japan? Not good at all. I hope they do a better job than that game. That part of the war though just doesn't give you much to create a good war game. It's all submarines and jungles on islands.

wAtdaFck3831d ago

Infinity Ward are a notorious development studio, most notably for their last game. I don't care if its in WWII, or WWIII or whatnot. If they're making it, i'm buying it.

But if its treyarch in the other hand...lets just say COD3 didn't get the attention I wanted to give it -_-

cjp4eva3831d ago

Guess ill me passing on this one.

OLD MAN3831d ago

if they improve the engine beyond what the 4th COD already produced

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