Taking advantage of noobs on the battlefield

Tired of being nice to the noobs that get in your way in Counterstrike or Call of Duty 4? Sarcastic Gamer has your answer!

From the article: "A noob is anyone that is new to a game, for this piece, I'm talking about someone that's new to an online multiplayer first-person shooter. If you are unlucky enough meet a noob online, hope that he's on the other team, so you can rack up the kills over and over again at their expense. Unfortunately, Karma is a bitch, so you'll most likely get stuck with one on your team, because of some stupid/mean/negative thing you did way back in the past, against someone else."

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Science_NERD3829d ago

I cant stand the n00bs that get in your way in CoD4 when a grenade s thrown and you end up dying because they wont get out of the way...heres a lesson to you n00bs, turn off the game, and never play again!!!

permutated3829d ago

Noobs shouldn't play Hardcore mode on COD4, they take too many bullets from team makes by mistake :P