Call Of Duty: Ghosts Is 1080p On PS4 According To IGN

All this week Call of Duty: Ghosts videos will be going up on IGN. Not only that, but the footage from the game will apparently be from a PlayStation 4 running the game at 1080p.

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GiggMan2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I've been checking out the footage and thinking about picking it up for local couch co-op with the bot system and all.

2 things though, even though it may be 1080P 60FPS it still looks "this gen" (thanks to killzone I can live with that). Also isn't infinity ward and Activision suppose to be having a threesome with Microsoft? Why showcase PS4 footage instead of Xbox One?

Things that make you go hmmm...

badz1492838d ago

currently M$ is sleeping with EA/BF4/Titanfall so looks like AV/CoD is looking for a new 'partner'! why not, right? Sony is having an affair with AV/Destiny too at the moment.

GiggMan2838d ago

It's hard to keep track lol. Like watching soap operas. I hope they all using protection :-)

mikeslemonade2838d ago

Buying this for PS4 and then selling it back after I get tired of it. It's always fun to get to the first prestige and do melee-only tactics to annoy other gamers.

But Activision can kiss it and go kick rocks. d

sobekflakmonkey2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


Only disagreed because I'm never buying this game ever...the gameplay looks boring, everything is so lifeless, and graphically, it looks like a game that could have came out during the middle of the current gen/beginning of the current gen, it's just 1080p now...don't buy into it my probably wont get any money back'll probably have to pay them more to take it off your hands..not to mention killzone shadow fall is gonna have co-op as well as free dlc for the reg multiplayer maps...I'd say go for kz first and wait to see what happens with cod ghosts...

mikeslemonade2838d ago

Killzone was never my type of game even though it is a technical showpiece. It's a bragging rights type of game for me.

With COD you know you will have some pick-up and play fun for a little while before you get start to get annoyed by campers who do the same thing every mission.

It's just nice to see the new maps, the new perks, which weapons have been nerfed or exaggerated etc.

And lastly infinity ward can SUCK IT. They haven't done a single thing to push gaming forward after modern warfare 2.

NewMonday2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )


"isn't infinity ward and Activision suppose to be having a threesome with Microsoft? Why showcase PS4 footage instead of Xbox One?"

This is the answer..

TomShoe2838d ago

Relax everybody

Xbox one will be in 4K resolution thanks to the power of the cloud :D

sobekflakmonkey2838d ago


Can't tell if you're trolling or being serious O_o

Boody-Bandit2838d ago


Can't tell if you're trolling or being serious O_o"

Maybe the :D gives it away?
He was joking / being sarcastic

Hayabusa 1172838d ago

"It's hard to keep track lol. Like watching soap operas. I hope they all using protection :-)"

Maybe you should stop keeping track? Perhaps you're just fabricating this "soap opera" where there actually is none? Perhpas instead you should, oh I don't know, get a life maybe?

P0werVR2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

You know what's very sad about this news? This is where that ridiculous rumor started from, that CoD and Titanfall are 720p. And anything now that NeoGaf claims is FACT and set in stone for all to see.

@hayabusa 117

Exactly my point. Where do they come up with this stuff?! SERIOUSLY???

UltimateMaster2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Heard people say it's 720p on Xbox One.
I don't know if that's true.

Ezz20132838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

so IGN confirm that PS4 version is 1080p
since they played the game on ps4
and Infinity Ward when asked about xbox version res
all they said :
"fantastic graphics on xbox" lol XD

hmmmmmmm, i wonder why they didn't give upfront honest answer ?! ;)

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jimbobwahey2838d ago

A lot of industry folk over on NeoGAF are hinting that the Xbox One version is stuck at 720p, since Infinity Ward have had trouble getting a stable framerate on the hardware. There's also a lot of chatter about problems plaguing the Xbox One OS with constant crashes and freezes, as well as the online setup for the console being pretty broken too.

It's all rumor for now of course, but there's been so much talk of Xbox One being underpowered from developers that I'm struggling to doubt their authenticity. Given how much of a rushed mess the Xbox One launch seems to be as well, I wouldn't be shocked if chatter of OS instability is also true. Time will tell I guess, and we'll see for ourselves next month.

If Infinity Ward is demoing the new COD game on PS4 though, you know something's up.

JohnS13132838d ago

How can the Xbox 180 be underpowered? It has the cloud. :)

MasterCornholio2838d ago

"as well as the online setup for the console being pretty broken too. "

Don't you need the patch to even enable the system so it can play games?

That's worrying. I'm glad that the PS4 doesn't require this at all and updates are usually included in the disk.

Nexus 7 2013

boing12838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Must be a rainy cloud.

ChrisW2838d ago

"It's all rumor for now of course"

SIGH... Yes... yes, it is.

iamnsuperman2838d ago


That article makes no mention of its native resolution. I have seen it before with this generation. We get told, by the developers, something is 1080p but later find out it is being up-scaled. Unless they say native (the key word) 1080p I take everything as it being up-scaled.

The IGN article link doesn't either but IGN would have picked up on that (would make a big story for them)

karl2838d ago

u guys dont understand anything

once the xbox one is released and provided a good internet connection the cloud will do the rest

im sure it can reach 1080p and 4k aswell...

srd44842838d ago

If these "Constant crashes and freezes" were even true, we would have seen them all over by now. With the expos and xb1 tour. We haven't unless you can provide some proof.
Only Devs we heard about PS4 being so much more powerful, were all from PS4 Devs not involved with XB1.
I guess you ignore the designer of Resident evil that came out today to say both specs are almost identical?

BallsEye2838d ago

It's running 1080p on XO. People should stop believing in neogaf sonyfanboy rumors. It was never right.

MrCastle2838d ago

Thanks for the rumor update fella. I could care less about facts. Blind speculation from ps fanboys are what income to read.

NarooN2838d ago


Please don't be so delusional. The cloud can't magically increase GPU memory bandwidth or add ROPS or shaders or anything to somehow allow for 4K rendering of games. It's beyond unfeasible.

ziggurcat2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@ ballseye:

It's upscaled 1080p, not native.

@ karl:

4K support will be for video playback only. We won't see 4K games on either system.

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Thatguy-3102838d ago

Hit Em' with a Bang!
Ps4 is right around the corner. Hopefully these next three weeks fly by.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2838d ago

dboyc310 + 19h ago
Hit Em' with a Bang!
Ps4 is right around the corner. Hopefully these next three weeks fly by.

I guarantee its the longest 3 weeks of your life of course it is.

cell9892838d ago

You bring out excellent points of view.

It'll be funny if COD runs better on PS4 even with all those bribes from MS to have exclusive content. Can the xbone properly process fish AI efficiently by today's standards?

GiantEnemyCrab2838d ago

Bribes? Really? Hyperbole much

cell9892838d ago

I mean what else can you call it, I'm not saying Sony doesn't do it either. You're not going to tell me Activision chose to bring exclusive content out of their good heart? Money was involved

showtimefolks2838d ago

i think its a safer bet that most games will run 1080P-60FPS if developers really want them to on ps4 much easier. and no doubt i will enjoy it. But if developers can do 720P with 60 FPS on xbox one than i am all for it too

its only launch games, once developers make them self more familiar with the tech i believe both xbox one and ps4 will be able to do 1080P-60FPS on consistent bases

again some developers choose not to go 60FPS or 1080P for better overall results

so its game to game or developer to developer bases

HebrewHammer2838d ago

Becuase the Xbox One version is running at 720p - 900p, whereas the PS4 version is at 1080p.

thrust2838d ago

Link to confirmed lower rez please?

Volkama2838d ago

The opposite link:

Going with rumours though, I heard that if you have the One connected to the cloud it makes the fish AI so smart that you can have a conversation with them through Kinect. True next gen stuff. That I made up.

mikeslemonade2838d ago

Buying this for PS4 and then selling it back after I get tired of it. It's always fun to get to the first prestige and do melee-only tactics to annoy other gamers.

But Activision can kiss it and go kick rocks.

SharnOfTheDEAD2838d ago

You seen the Juggernaut melee kill streak? that's going to piss people off.

McScroggz2838d ago

"But Activision can kiss it and go kick rocks."

So why buy the game? o.0

NarooN2838d ago

>vows to buy game
>condemns those responsible for said game

Perfect logic, lol.

mikeslemonade2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Can't deny it's fun but they are not pushing the envelope forward.

It is perfect logic. You still drive a car even though you disagree with car isurance and high gas prices right? You still eat junk food even though you know it will make you feel bad later and it's not healthy in the long run? You still buy Madden every year for the reasons you do even though they're not pushing the game forward as they should right?

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Animal Mutha 762838d ago

It looks like somebody at IGN has been reading too much NeoGaf.

They are claiming PS4 1080p, X1 720p.

This could get hot....

I played the Xbox 1 version on a pc at Eurogamer using X1 pad. That looked a lot higher than 720 but then it wasn't on the right hardware.

Time will tell.

Nexus382838d ago

you forgot you're on n4g. everyone will disagree with you if you say one negative thing about ps4 or one positive thing about xbox one.. :)

clewis942838d ago

Just pointing it out but you cant play the xbox one version on a pc lol, you played the pc version with an xbox controller.

I also played the same but at gamescom, they told me it was on xbox one but i looked under the table and it was connected to a pc which would have completely different and probably better specs.

2838d ago
Back-to-Back2838d ago

As much as ppl hate on cod I have to give IW some credit for doing 1080/60fps. I just wonder how much the gfx had to be lowered to render a 1080p/60fps experience. Either way its a nice feat feat.

The Meerkat2838d ago

For people like me who suffer from motion sickness at 30fps I'd rather have less GFX and 60fps.

But if this is capable on the PS4 from day one then things are only going get better.

JasonKCK2838d ago

How is it that MS gets brought up in everything not related to MS? The sad part is it isn't even MS fanboys doing it.

nypifisel2838d ago

The engine really is shitty. Showcasing the game on PS4 seems pretty obvious now with rumours that the Xbox One version is in 720p (which frankly is shocking that the X1 can't even push this crap to 1080p). This really doesn't bode well for MS, the eSRAM solution was a huge oversight which will bite them in the ass, it's just not big enough to push through 1080p with AA solution in place.

TAURUS-5552838d ago

only on PS4...amazing quality

0neShot2838d ago

"Looks this gen" have you seen it in action on a ps4? Nope, so your comment is irrelevant

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Angels37852839d ago

Hmmm have to wait for confirmation as to what the XBone version is running...the rumors aren't sounding good.

ZBlacktt2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

So just to be clear:

3rd party games:

Assassin's Creed 4: Shown all PS4 all year long, even at gaming conventions.

Watch Dogs: Shown on PS4

Destiny shown on PS4

BF4 on PS4

COD Ghost on PS4

X1 games:

black0o2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

29 days to go .. and all the infos M$ setting on will be revealed

GiggMan2838d ago

To add to the PS3 list:

NBA 2k14
Need for Speed
The Division
Call of Duty Ghost


you kicked "em" square in the nuts!

Indo2838d ago

Yah, I noticed that too. Mmm probaly cuz PS4 is the recommended 3rd party console or Sony paid for the extra system showcase. Probaly both but definitely cant wait for my PS4.

black0o2838d ago

sony paid to show case COD on ps4 do really believe that

JohnS13132838d ago

Sony doesn't pay for that kind of stuff. That's what Microsoft does.

Thehyph2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I assume Sony did it with GTA V.

FanboySlayer2838d ago

Yeah, and let's not forget all the PS4 demos that froze @!

black0o2838d ago

that actually helps them and proofs it wasn't running on PC like the other camp

Skate-AK2838d ago

All the PS4 demos? No dude. Only AC4 locked up. Also they have shown it on PS4 since then and it looks great.

reko2838d ago

it wasnt running on pc...

Drekken2838d ago

OMG! That is funny!!! PS4 froze 5 months ago!

Have fun on your 720P machine.

ZBlacktt2838d ago

Code errors cause 99.98% of all errors. So Software>Hardware is the issue here.

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Funantic12838d ago

This means it's 1080p on X1 too...good news. The rumors out there are ridiculous. So many games on the 360 at 1080p now all of the sudden people are lying saying the X1 can't do 1080p. The X1 is 10x more powerful than a 360. The trouble people go thru to downplay the X1. Smh

CryofSilence2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Your "logic" does not compute. The if/then correlation is not necessarily true.

The vast majority of games for Xbox 360 struggle to hit 720p (native, not upscaling). A lot of Xbox One games will hit 1080p, but, as with every system, there will be trade offs.

SolidDuck2838d ago

There talking about native 1080 I believe, not upscaled. There might be, but I don't think a single game ran at native 1080 on 360, and I can only think of wipeout that did on ps3. Almost all games this gen were just upscaled. And there is a big difference between upscaled and native 1080.