MMOGology: Sex games

Marc Nottke writes:

''Can you feel it coming? With less than a month until Conan's release, the pressure cooker of excitement building for the new MMOG by Funcom is about to blow its load. At least part of this excitement stems from the fact that Age of Conan deals with mature themes. Unlike the cartoony World of Warcraft and cutesy Hello Kitty Online, Age of Conan is embracing what they call a "dark, decadent, twisted and corrupt version of Euro-Asian history." Aside from the prominent head lopping and blood letting we're also getting a side dish of sex; something we haven't really seen before in a prominent, commercial MMOG.

The idea of sex in video games is not new. You can go as far back as text based adventures like Farmer's Daughter on the Commodore 64, crude, arcade-style games like Custer's Revenge for the Atari 2600, or the multi-platform adventure game series Leisure Suit Larry that first kicked off back in 1987. Many early titles were so graphically crude that they left absolutely everything to the imagination. But as technology has evolved, so have the dirty minds of developers. And where dirty minded developers have come up short, many gamers have created modifications to fulfill their fantasies. Would you like some hot coffee while you wait to download the Lara Croft nude patch?''

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gamesR4fun3831d ago

so what exactly is the big deal. I mean its just nipples and innuendo...

Montrealien3831d ago

nipples and innuendo clearly never work on the internet....

strembones3831d ago

I'm ready for a mature game to hit the market. I love porn and love video games so to me its a natural fit.

DeadlyFire3830d ago

You might get Jack Thompson to look at this game and we don't want that to happen. lol