Pocket Lint: Wii Fit Review

Pocket Lint writes: "Nintendo hope to break even further away from Microsoft and Sony's console offerings with its latest game and accessory: the Wii Fit. But is it worth getting off the sofa for? We get gaming, and exercising, to find out.

The basic premise of the Wii Fit is that you get a collection of games, and more importantly a balance board that you stand on to play them. Suitable for anyone up to 150kg or 23 stone in weight, it's not just for kids and those worried about balance issues shouldn't be. The board is large, sturdy and doesn't move.

Instead you're the one that is expected to move about as by shifting your weight on the board you control movement on-screen."

The good: Interactive, great fun, pick up and play

The bad: If you were worried about the remote growing through the screen, this could make you go through it instead, involves exercise, you've got to find somewhere to store the balance board

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wiizy3833d ago

wii fit is going to be huge..end of story.