Top Nintendo Designer Shigeru Miyamoto Talks Wii Fit And Appealing To Unhealthy Americans

MTV News never talked to Shigeru Miyamoto about exercise before, and certainly never about an exercise video game.

An exercise game, however, is just what Miyamoto was in NYC last week to demonstrate and discuss. He was showing Wii Fit, a game that emerged from his recent obsession with weighing himself and that has sold, he says, close to 2 million copies in Japan.

It releases for the red-hot Nintendo Wii, which just sold 720,000 units in March, according to the NPD group, on May 19. The game will come with the Balance Board, a small exercise board that contains sensors that detect the player's balance. The sensors enable the game to not just weigh the player, but to control several dozen yoga, strength-training and aerobic activities - as well as play mini-game activities, such as ski jumping and soccer goalie.

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Utalkin2me3832d ago

Who cares i already sold my wii for a cheesburger.

ChickeyCantor3832d ago

so you sold your wii.....and i guess we should care for that ? =D?XD

c64days3832d ago

The problem with this guy, that he things he's a god or something. mr "know it all".

now he take care of our health, tommorow what?

my Yoko-Loko, please get down to earth, and bring us next-gen console with next-gen games. not something from the ICE AGE.

ChickeyCantor3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

Nintendo always creates stuff with the JAPANESE demographic in mind, i dont think he cared much for the american health.

Its marketing =D and a smack in your faces XD
but actually he didnt raise the question on health in america, but the interviewer did. And i cant find the part where he said how he feels about the health of america's peeps

SL1M DADDY3832d ago

So if the Wii can help them get fit then by all means, it's a good deal. I however am not out of shape and could care less. If people would put down the cheese burgers and coke then perhaps there would be less of a reason for the Wii fit in North America? lol

IntelligentAj3832d ago

This is a travesty to gamers but whatever gives people motivation to work out i guess...

BrotherNick3832d ago

Think about it...doing what you love to do, which is playing games, and there's a benefit, omg! You get to be fit too? My competitive nature would help me ignore the pain. So this is a must buy for me. :D

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