PS3 launch was a 'baptism of fire'

SCEA president Jack Tretton has told MCV that the launch of PlayStation 3 was one of the toughest periods of his career so far.

In the second of MCV's new regular series of 'MCV Legends', the top Sony exec revealed that the media storm and weight of expectation surrounding the new console was a real test for the company – but he remains focused on contining to boost the industry's spectacular growth through his role at SCEA.

"There was a lot of concern about the technology promise of the PS3 as well as the price point. Consumers questioned whether Sony would be able to deliver on that promise. The first year was certainly a baptism of fire."

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Sev3831d ago

I think Jack Tretton is a good guy.

I am sure he is very relieved that the PS3 is doing so well now.
You could tell right after launch he was shaking in his boots.

I will never forget his comment right after launch in EGM, that "if you can find a PS3, I will pay you $1000 for it" or something like that...

Man did that make him look arrogant.

I dont think Sony ever expected the PS3 to flop so bad.

I always knew it would come out on top, and I always knew Blu-Ray would win because of the PS3.

Thats why I was ready to shell out my $600 at launch.
One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Sure some people might say "but the price dropped $100 soon after"

I can say that I was more than willing to pay $100 more to be enjoying HD games, and Blu-Ray movies much sooner than everyone else.

Its also a pleasure to see this baby grow up. Especially the PSN.
I remember when there was only Blast Factor and (uughhh) Cash Guns Chaos in the PS Store, and I thought wow. This is great lol.

sonarus3831d ago

haha tretton is a good guy for sure. I hope he isn't doing E3 this yr and they better not try to do E3 from home since us gamers can't access it. Last time he did E3 he looked like he was about to pass out from stage freight.

Sev3831d ago

Stage fright lol...
Thats what made me like him.
Kaz Harai always looks so arrogant and over confident when he speaks, as does Howard Stringer and almost all other Sony execs.
Tretton being nervous, made him I dont know... More human to me.

pwnsause3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

the PS3 was in hell for a year till its sales came back on top in november

deeznuts3831d ago

Don't forget, Sony is a behemoth and won't forget the lessons learned this generation.

ion6663831d ago

like a phoenix from the ashes.yeah boy!

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VaeVictus3831d ago

some heads and get in game xmb released. Home doesn't look like it will ever be released. The only real thing PS3 is missing is a decent in game chat. Mocking it @ this years GDC then announcing HOME's indefinite delay doesn't make me very happy as an owner of a PS3.

Duke Nukem and Too Human, meet Home.

Sev3831d ago

I have fell for the rumors, and the hype that Home has offered.

However I have been saying for a while now that Home will NOT be out until fall 08 the earliest. I dont think it will even make it out by then.

Home is just way too ambitious of a project to half ass.

If it were released in its current state it is guaranteed to bomb. Then the internet would implode with "home suxors" articles and threads galore.
It would soon be forgotten and nothing would ever come of it.

Sony knows it has a diamond in the rough here, and they are keeping it under wraps until its good and ready. however its not right now.

I can see that fans are pissed at Sony for not releasing Home yet.
But the fans would also be pissed if they got to play Home and it sucked royally.

The REAL mistake that Sony made was showing Home too early, and announcing a release date that was just too close for comfort.

Another slap to the fans, is that they gave "Home Beta Tester" titles to all these people on the PS forums, and all that does in invoke jealousy and envy in anyone who doesnt have it.

Home will probably be worth waiting for. But just wait, no more rumors, no more speculation, no more "cmon Sony give us Home"
Just FN wait.

The Lazy One3831d ago

It really isn't. They could have had a working version of home out now, and then worked on adding features and extra content later.

I have seen nothing out of home that makes me believe it should take this long to get a product that's releasable. They should at least have an in game XMB by now.

Sev3831d ago

Home isnt ambitious if you look at it as a place to walk around and meet gamers.

Its incredibly ambitious if you understand its much more than that.

Have you read what some Sony first party devs have in store for it?
Warhawk? How they plan on giving you a map to plan your strategy?
Or how Uncharted is going to offer a 2D version of the game?

Giving developers their own "home space" is where all the ambition is.
Its a chance to further open up the "world" of that particular game.
It give you a whole new perspective of the game, and the developer.

pwnsause3831d ago

home is ambitious whether you believe or not, this is going to be the place that they are going to make money off of. its very unfinished, and this is coming from a beta member who went to the test night. if you were there you would understand what was going on.

The Lazy One3831d ago

Sev, non-sony development doesn't make the actual thing more ambitious in the fact that it can't get released. There is zero reason Home shouldn't at least be partially out by now. It's the equivalent of waiting to release WoW until after BC was finished.

Persistent online communities should release when it's usable and has few bugs, then update. not update then release.


what about it is ambitious? What goes above and beyond what is already available on the market.

pwnsause3831d ago

the lazy one, right now im part of the home beta, Home is the 3D version of the world wide web. go back to the gdc 07 sony keynote and you'll see what I mean by that. i would like to talk more about this but i dont want to get kicked out.

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gauravraw3831d ago

Well M$ caught Sony napping this time when they introduced X360 and most importantly Gears of War. When M$ released GeOW, Sony was busy in giving GOW2 final touches.

My point is Sony never expected things to kick off so early and that's why all the bashing. PS3 was obviously rushed into the market because of X360's success in it's starting period and that's why we saw a very dry start for the PS3 as far as games go.

but now things are looking real pretty... Sony's line-up of games for 2008 is awesome.

jkhan3831d ago

I agree, with the success of PS2, Sony was no way near ready to launch a new console so early. Somebody want to bet what would Microsoft xbox360 state would have been if both consoles had released at the same time. XBox360 was literally rushed to the market to gain the lead and thats exactly what it did. I am afraid same thing will happen if Microsoft again releases an new console in 2009-10. I mean do you think Sony will follow its lead?

Gorgon3831d ago

"My point is Sony never expected things to kick off so early and that's why all the bashing. PS3 was obviously rushed into the market because of X360's success in it's starting period and that's why we saw a very dry start for the PS3 as far as games go"

The PS3 was originaly planed to come out in Fall 2005. It was delayed due to development problems and ended up coming 1 year later in Fall 2006. The PS2 came out 5 years after the PS1. Its a normal cycle, nothing rushed here. If it was coming out by 2005 then how does the success of the 360 come into the picture?

mariusmal3831d ago

it was their own fault. they hyped it too much with bad PR and some nasty publicity moves. i was a early ps3 adopter, at first i wasnt happy with it, but now i can say i have two good consoles (ps3 & x360).

Lionel Hutz3831d ago

I really wish sometimes that Sony would not announce what they are going to do. It's just like how you're supposed to under promise and over deliver (as opposed to over promising and under delivering).

Compare the following situations:
1. Sony announces Home
2. People get excited
3. Sony announces delay
4. People are pissed
5. Sony releases Home
6. People couldn't care less after such a long delay

Now wouldn't this have been the best?:
1. Sony unexpectedly announces a service called Home in Fall 08
2. People are ecstatic

Obviously, word would get out with a beta, but wouldn't it have been possible to do an in-house beta?

jkhan3831d ago

Well I do agree with you upto a point. Sony does announces its games and other features too early. Killzone 2, Getaway 3, Eight Days and Home are just examples of Sony announcing the software too early and then disappear. Either don't show anything or show something that is going to release within a year or two time.

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