Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will have at least 50 hours of gameplay

Speaking to IGN as part of a First Look event, gameplay director Yuji Abe addressed fan concerns that the game would feel short when compared to other Final Fantasy titles, thanks to the unavoidable countdown-to-the-apocalypse feature.

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Zhipp1883d ago

Not too shabby. How long were the first two games?

Ksar1883d ago

40h and 30h just for the main quest

Kalebninja1883d ago

the first was like 40 but only because half of it was walking and the second was around 24 to beat but there was other stuff to do like get different endings and such

Capt-FuzzyPants1883d ago

The first one was probably toward 55 hours for the main story depending if you struggled on some of the bosses or not. Like I know when my brother played it, he skipped enemies early on and had to grind later to beat a few bosses.

This one seems like it will be around 30-40 for the main quest cause thats what 13-2 was.

1883d ago
ScubaSteve11883d ago

at least 50 hours of gameply? didn't they say we have to beat this game in 13 hours

maximus19851883d ago

no thats just how long you have before youll want to return it to gamestop. i think they said its 13 days till the world ends but that has nothing to do with real world time as far as gameplay