Be the first to play on the Xbox One this Friday

The Gadget Show - We’ve not got long until the brand new Xbox One launches on 22 November, but do you fancy getting your mitts it the before it’s even in the shops? Thanks to Microsoft, we have 50 tickets to give away to an exclusive Xbox event this Friday in central London!

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GarrusVakarian1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

So that was the very exciting announcement Sigh. Nothing like getting your hopes up and receiving a swift kick to the nuts.

NYC_Gamer1882d ago

I thought it would be some type of new feature or something announced

Septic1882d ago

The Gadget Show would hardly be the place to announce something like that though.

thrust1882d ago

The comp closed in 10mins hahaha

high demand!

malokevi1882d ago

"Be the first to play on the Xbox One"

I think that ship has sailed. Oh, Microsoft, why hast thou forsaken me?

LonDonE1882d ago

i already have 2 tickets for this event, Microsoft was kind enough to give me 2, even though i told them i have pre ordered a ps4 and wont most likely be getting a x1 until next year if it proves to be reliable., maybe they hope to sway my opinion! lol

2cents1882d ago

Im one of the 50!

Just got the email now, oh yeah!

friday friday friday

Saviour1882d ago

so ur were expecting the gadget show to announce some new feature, game? sigh.

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Robbie22321882d ago

So, i sent my e-mail in hope rather than expectation and to my surprise i am now playing the XB1 on friday. Buzzing for it!

Robbie22321882d ago

You will, bit lame we have to go on our own but hey, rather on my own that not at all.

2cents1882d ago


i'll shout out when im there... "ROBBIE2232 WHERE ARE YOU!!!"

Funantic11882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Have fun. I'm jealous. Lol

Sitdown1882d ago

I don't need no stinking ticket......I will be playing it Thursday in Atlanta. :-P

T-Dawg61882d ago

Pretty lame 'exciting' news, Microsoft...