Banjo info overload on the 13th of May

Rumours are spreading around the net that new Banjo information is set to be released in the middle of May.

A select group of media types were shown the new game recently, one of them posted this on Neogaf.

"I went to Rare to see the game two weeks ago and let me just say that this is the biggest evidence of the return of great Rare I've seen in quite a while... and the teaser site will all make sense, when the game is unveiled (embargo is lifted the 13th of may)."

Partial confirmation can be found here


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kewlkat0075705d ago

just got a Bonus or something?

""I went to Rare to see the game two weeks ago and let me just say that this is the biggest evidence of the return of great Rare I've seen in quite a while"

I'm gald to hear...Xbox 360 needs more Characters/Platformers to solidify the Brand name, like Sony has. In due time I guess.

Maybe Rare of the old is back...(crosses fingers)

blade2065705d ago

this is on the 360 it won't work it's not a shooter

Grown Folks Talk5705d ago

it is a shooter. Haven't you read the posts on this site? EVERY game that comes out for the 360 is a shooter.

predator5705d ago

I have always trusted RARE to pull it off, I give a lot of credit to what they achieved with Kameo and PDZ with the little time and also unfinished debug kits.

viva pinata in my books was a great game and greatly unappreciated.

Banjo will show people Rare mean business

green5705d ago

I understand MGS stance of currently not showing games till they are ready, but when you have been waiting for a sequel to one of the best platformers or all time, limited info is a real pain.

Hopefully come 13th of next month ,they will reveal a game that will trully wet our appetites.Cant wait

titntin5705d ago

Here's hoping thsi game will be a real return to form.

Like a alot of others, their recent output has not got me very excited, and Kameo and Viva Pinyata started gathering dust pretty quickly after purchase in this house - which is a shame for a company with such an amazing pedigree.

Lets hope Banjo 3 sees a real return to form - the platform could use another great title for this year, and I could do with another classic platformer!! :)

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GaboonViper1196d ago

I want a new Perfect Dark, Banjo and Jet Force Gemini.

Bathyj1196d ago

I actually don't want them. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft rehashing IPs they had nothing to do with creating just because they happen to own them.

Before you call me fanboy tell me a game they did that to that actually lives up the the original?

Just leave our beloved memories alone. You want to bring something back, redo crimson Skies or Brute Force. At least they were your games and they need updates.

gamer78041196d ago

I'm all for The Initiative rebooting perfect dark as a third person though, sounds like its trying something new and not just rehashing with a new coat of paint with this idea. Hope we see a tease of it in the next showcase.

gamer78041196d ago

Rumor is The Initiative is working on rebooting Perfect Dark in third person, normally I wasn't a fan of taking existing IPs but if its something new like this I'm up for it.

jznrpg1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Don’t give them the Battletoads treatment .

TravsVoid1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Donkey Kong Country is probably my favorite game of all time but I've not connected with much else Rareware has made since other than maybe Killer Instinct. Sea of Thieves has got to be close to my worst $60 purchase I've ever made.

sagapo1196d ago

Viva pinata was kinda fun imo.


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rhdugjcjrnddu1594d ago

Don't bother. 10 pages to click through and all of them written very poorly

Relientk771594d ago

Ugh Musashi: Samurai Legend is so meh. Don't understand how you can go from Brave Fencer Musashi to that. I really want a Brave Fencer Musashi HD Remake or a true sequel. It's one of the best games I've ever played.


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