Microsoft Predicted to Back Away from Vista

When it comes to technology debacles, every major company has a few (remember the Newton?), but right now one of the top spots has to go to Windows Vista, Microsoft's clunky operating system that has IT shops and consumers desperately clutching at XP for as long as they can.

GutZ315643d ago

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BeaArthur5643d ago

I can only imagine how much money they stand to loose over this.

bumnut5643d ago

but i doubt they will care.

BeaArthur5643d ago

I'm going to disagree with you there. All businesses care when they loose what could potentially be billions of dollars. Just think about how they charge you for everything on the Marketplace. A company this greedy has to be pissed off that they are going to loose this much money.

Plasmana5642d ago

The joke must be on everybody! Microsoft is making money hand-over-fist. Vista is nothing but a name. The real product is an evolutionary code-base that periodically get refactored and released.

Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008 are the exact same kernel. Yes that's right, it's Vista (hailed as the worsed MS OS next to ME) and Server 2008 (hailed as Microsoft's best OS yet). The next version of Windows will be yet another evolution of the code-base (just as Vista was an evolution of Server 2003) and given a brand spanking new name.

Pain5643d ago

Go learn to be a real pro and learn Linux.

And poor cheap Kids get a Job and buy a Mac will be the best thing u do after buying a PS3.

PSMonster215642d ago

OS X blows Windows out of the water in every single aspect except gaming. FACT!

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Jdoki5643d ago

I've long argued that an Operating System should be just that. - The most basic 'layer' of the PC's software, used for little more than launching the software we want to use.

If people want to bolt on multiple widgets, gadgets and other stuff then fine. Let the users bloat the OS as much as they want. But leave the basic core of the OS fast, and simple and secure.

Personally I really don't like OSX from a user point of view. But it is an extremely fast and slick OS.

Linux combines a lack of bloat, simple and effective security and an unobtrusive yet easy to use interface. MS could learn a lot.

From a users point of view I have no issues with Vista at all. I find it marginally easier to use than XP and some of the new features are nice. From a performance point of view it sucks. The OS should never take up Gigs of disc space, and any improvements (like DX10) should actually be improvements both in performance and reliability.

I think MS have learned their lesson. Windows 7 will definitely be a slicker version of Vista, but I think it'll be another couple of releases before Windows comes anywhere close to OSX or Linux in performance terms.

I'm also doubtful we'll be seeing Windows 7 before late 2009/2010. But what incentive have we to upgrade?

Those people who bought Vista and were disappointed will be wary of paying out for another OS. Those who actually like Vista or XP will want to stick with it until the death. And those people who got Vista pre-installed on a new machine will be unlikely to want to go through the hassle of installing a new OS themselves.