Wii VS GameCube Screenshot Comparison compares the screenshot graphics of game titles between Wii and Gamecube.

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specialguest4459d ago

MORE screenshot comparison on this site:

this is the actual source of the comparison.

Asylumchild4459d ago

The grafics are worse then i thought

Grown Folks Talk4459d ago

with a fancy controller and nintendo games.

Marriot VP4459d ago

wow these graphics are horrible compared to HD games on the 360 or PS3.

And I don't mean the gamecubes, the Wii's are horrible.

bszelda4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

and since when are graphics the most important aspect of a videogame?! Gameplay is E~V~E~R~Y~T~H~I~N~G! Would you like to have a videogame that has the WORST gameplay in the world in exchange for the absolute BEST graphics of all time?! I DON'T THINK SO! ;)

Nintendo and their awesome Wii ALL THE WAY!! The best gameplay out there! (who cares about graphics...'cuz I don't...) :)

Marriot VP4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

wow, bszelda, you are in no way biased towards the wii.....look at your name.

But anyways I NEVER SAID GRAPHICS WERE MOST IMPORTANT, I never even said they were important. Once again people like you are determined to jump the gun because I make a remark about your console that isn't positive. Just give it a rest with going nuts over your console.

And you think Wii's gameplay is the best, so you say. But I doubt you've had the chance to play with the Wii....or how about this. Have you played the Wii for more than a half an hour or even an hour. If you do plan on buying one and playing with it for more than a hour, make sure to buy a sweat band and cancel your aerobics gym pass.

If you can't look at these screens and compare them to 360 and PS3 games in HD and don't admit the Wii pics look bad than your lying, or just delusional. Gameplay is important, DUH, do you think your Ghandi or something?

Retard4458d ago

Name a game that had horrible graphics? Alrite... Enough said.

specialguest4459d ago

i think some of it looks like a very noticable improvement like Madden, CARS, and Sonic. other games looked sharper, but need some anti-alias.

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The story is too old to be commented.