More Halo 3 scans

In the latest issue of the magazine Famitsu Weekly, there are three pages of new Halo 3 scans.

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2tired2day2hate4466d ago

you can see a stand on the sniper riffle, wonder if you'll be able to lay down and use it or if it has any use at all

MissAubrey4466d ago

But the best thing about this game is that there is gonna be no damn cheaters!!!for a limited time at least.

MissAubrey4466d ago

is that the legendary ed??!

crazyman4466d ago (Edited 4466d ago )

2nd pic, I see jump packs, I wonder, theyre problu ODST but playing as a spartan with jet pack, hehe

Whoops thats a rocket barrel but i got excied with all the flame and stuff oh well

MissAubrey4466d ago

He now carries the secondary weapon on his back.

Optimus Prime4466d ago

yea that would be called a rocket launcher.

Legionaire20054466d ago

Bungie has become a bit open on information about Halo to us loyal fans. Oh boy how loyal we are man. I'm surpise that a 1000 comments didn't happened when Halo 3 info arrived, because this is news people.

Marriot VP4466d ago

look at the bubble control system, that's why there wasn't 1000 comments.

Look at the guns with the blades, how crazy does that look. Nail grenade and ATV, and knowing there's going to be so much more is very exciting. Bungie's very secretive and there's much more to discover I'm sure.