Next-gen Prince of Persia to be called Prodigy?

Videogamer reports that video game designer Jordan Mechner, the creator and owner of the Ubisoft published Prince of Persia game franchise, has filed to protect the trademark Prince of Persia Prodigy in relation to "game software and electronic game programs; electronic game software for mobile phones, personal digital assistants, and handheld computers".

Eagle-eyed trademark specialist Trademork, which noticed the filing, speculates that Prince of Persia Prodigy might be the name of the next-gen sequel to the Sands of Time trilogy, following The Sands of Time itself, Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.

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Storm233829d ago

Yeah, not to good for me either.

Lets just hope the Prince's first game this generation is as good as it has the potential to be.

Bazookajoe_833829d ago

For me i would say sands of time..

MK_Red3829d ago

My fave POP is one of the old 2D ones from previous series. Prince of Persia 2 is my fave.

Among the Sands trilogy, the first one is my fave.

okcomputer3829d ago

Sand of time here too. The series was so much better before they tried to get "dark" and make the prince into a generic dime a dozen anti hero. I gave up on the series after being so hugely let down by the second one.

Fluffy2Duffy3829d ago

i would say The 2 thrones! the bosses battle is more difficult than other prince of persia games, and it got more functions to do like the chain etc, pretty good game but ver hard.

thisguywithhair3829d ago

My fav was Warrior Within. Very well told story, excellent fighting mechanics.

The whole series seems to be a metaphor for growing up. Part one is childhood, where the prince lives a carefree life only to be thrown into a situation caused by his own actions. Part two is adolescence, trying to recapture his childhood by undoing everything that he had done. Part three is adulthood, where the prince finally accepts that he must live with the choices he has made.

kadosho3829d ago

Curious where they make this next entry. But this title, it doesn't quite have the same vibe. And "Guywithhair' has valid points altogether. That is what the "Time" trilogy was all about. The team behind this new piece is going to have a rough time to go with a new game. Maybe they might find inspiration, time will tell.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3829d ago

How about some screens and some real info?

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The story is too old to be commented.