Edge Preview: Grand Theft Auto 4 Multiplayer

Edge writes: "We love it when a plan comes together (and falls apart with the driver flying out through the windscreen).

It's not a new point to make, but if Grand Theft Auto's greatness can be boiled down to any element, outside of the mechanics, the style and the feel of the game, it's the stories you create as you play. But though the stories you'll make playing GTA 4's singleplayer might be exciting enough, it's those spun during time in its multiplayer that could rival some of best game stories ever told.

There are a few flat notes in its various forms, mind. GTA isn't particularly suited to straight-up team deathmatch, for example – the mechanics and arena are simply not a fit for such competition. GTA 4's world is simply too interesting: during most deathmatch games you'll be wishing you could go and explore that alley or simply drive a car into the sunset without someone shooting at you with a rocket launcher."

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anyway - glad to see it seems as funs as it sounds.