Eurogamer: We Love Golf Interview

Eurogamer writes: "Japanese developer Camelot embodies a basic logical disconnect that we've been nursing: we were aware that a studio called Camelot was responsible for RPGs like Shining Force and Golden Sun, and we were aware that a studio called Camelot developed the original Everybody's Golf and subsequently Mario Golf, but what we hadn't ever quite put together was the fact that it was the same Camelot responsible for both - a one-team studio whose CV bounces between the poles of epic RPGs and light-hearted but deceptively deep golf games.

Right now, the studio is finishing off the Western version of its new, Wii-exclusive golf game, We Love Golf - an outing which will look familiar to anyone who's played Everybody's Golf, but whose Wii control system sets it apart from anything else. Acknowledging (at last!) that swinging a Wiimote doesn't actually feel like swinging a golf club, the game drops the idea of emulating a "natural" swing, opting for a more precise system that allows you to set swing parameters with the remote and then simply match the timing and angle of an on-screen swing to hit the shot."

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PS360WII3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

It's pretty neat one team is well known for RPGs and Golf games. I like that the control won't be mimicking a golf swing but will still use the motion... I hope it works well enough. Online for US and Europe but non for Japan. Further shows that they really don't mind not having online play.

"Plus, being a Capcom-published game, you also get to play as characters hailing from everything from Street Fighter through Dark Stalkers to Zack & Wiki" <--- now that's cool ^^