Halo 3: The 'Real' Facts

The Internet exploded last week, 1up is mopping up some of the mess.

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Daytona4465d ago

It will greatly diminish R-fom and would even the likes of the almighty HALO 3. I want fun and interesting multi w/o any sacrifice in graphics or gameplay. Although I know it's the ps3's inherent weakness that would cause a diminished picture in multi game play, I still wouldn't want to even risk that for the HALO 3 series, unless they've already planned that type of multi already.

I'd rather have it more interesting with 16 or less total on screen than 40 anyway. i don't think it would be to fun or hard to have an enemy at every turn.

Halochampian4465d ago

4 on 4 was the best anyhow. 8 on 8 is too much at some times. I would hate to see 20 vs 20.

Munky4465d ago

But if Bungie is able to pull off 40 players at once w/o any sacrifice in graphics or gameplay, then why the hell not? Just have smaller games such as 4v4 or 8v8 as a option. I really do hope HALO 3 lives up to the hype this time around, but with that being said MS has way to much invested into the HALO series for this game to be nothing but spectacular. This game will be amazing, no doubt about it.

Retard4465d ago

Yeah well it would still be nice to have the option.

drewdrakes4465d ago

Screw 40 players. The major problem, with just 8 on 8 in halo 2, you wont be able to finish the game without people leaving. So its not that they cant pull it off, its that when your team leaves you and its 1 on 10, its not too much fun.

Although one time it was 6 on 1 in ghost recon, i was the 1, and i crushed them :).

shotty4465d ago

Screw 20 vs 20, its not fun with too much people. Imagine capture the flag, how the hell do you guard a base with 20 people trying to come at your, or think about territories and tryin to stay with that. I say leave it where it is and add in features like spectator mode and maybe even clips of the game in the post game carnage report. Imagine

THAMMER14465d ago

But it would be so awesome to have a 40 vs. 40 on live. It would be total chaos and mayhem “I would love it!!!”

But it would suck if we had frame rate or lag issues to get it dome. I am game for what ever H3 is going to be. But I want it smooth as or smoother than H2.
I'M getting the LEGENDARY addition on every thing.

kmis874465d ago

40 player multiplayer would be awesome, especially since you still have the ability (in RFOM as well) to limit the matches to 4v4 or 8v8 or whatever else you desire. 20v20 would just be the max, not the requirement.

Retard4465d ago

Totally agree.. Even if you don't want to play 20v20. It would be nice to do it.

Like in Counter-Strike:Source some server s can allow up to +64 players...

I .. personally ... coundn't do that, I can't volley that well.

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The story is too old to be commented.