5 Delayed Games That Turned Out Great This Year

Nerdist: "Drop your game with flaws and be a hero, or push it back long enough to watch yourself become the villain. This seems to be the suitable philosophy of many, with the recent verbal beatings that games like Watch Dogs and Driveclub have gotten for the pushing back of their release dates. I find this to be perplexing, especially when considering that some of the most well-received titles of this generation fell victim to delays at one time or another. I suppose some men/women just want to see the world burn, but to help stimulate the optimism towards these recent push-backs and the many more to come, let’s have a look at several great games released this year that were pushed back from their original release dates."

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jnelson55441918d ago

There have been many games rushed to the forefront that were ultimately met with disappointment. The writer has it right: let the developers do their thing and release a great game later rather than a mediocre game now.

Trackboss1918d ago

I don't mind delays at all cause all they are doing is making the game better for you haha :)

KonsoruMasuta1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Not always.

Dude Nukem: Forever

Ride to Hell: Retribution.

Dibalo 3

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

Too Human

All delayed and all sucked.

ThaTruthMVP1918d ago

As said in the article, not all delayed games. But still... a good ratio favors them

Reboot1918d ago

Theirs nothing I hate more then a rushed game then later to find it being unplayable. The games listed were all great titles some more then others and all turned out great (in their own respected genre). Seeing Watch Dogs delayed isn't a huge loss. Gives the developers time to bring more to the game then what we expected.

ThaTruthMVP1918d ago

The Last Of Us is reason enough

-Foxtrot1918d ago

dmc...yeah ok then ¬¬

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