Warren Spector: “It’s Increasingly Difficult To Get Excited About Mainstream Games”

Legendary game developer Warren Spector says he’d sum-up the most recent console generation with a “yawn” – explaining that the lack of innovation in mainstream titles over the past eight years has left him decidedly cold.

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GarrusVakarian1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I agree, when you have been gaming for a long time you often get the feeling of 'been there, done that'. I still get excited, but its rare for it to be the same excitement i felt as a kid/teen. But every now and again a game musters up the same excitement/passion. For me those types of games are Read Dead Redemption, The Last Of Us, Mass Effect, Skryim, Fallout 3.

Don't get me wrong, i enjoy pretty much all games. But that's what the majority of them are to me just 'games'. It takes alot more now for me to class it as a personal favourite.

shodan741849d ago

The sad thing is, I get the feeling this is going to continue into the Next-Gen too. The only launch game I was interested in was Watch Dogs - and that's now been put back 'til next year.

I certainly find myself buying only a few major releases each year. Most of the games I play these days are actually indie titles like FTL and Lone Survivor.

GarrusVakarian1849d ago

Yep, i think im going to find myself renting many games next gen, just like i did this gen.

kingdip901849d ago

There are social games and there are games that offer a personal experiance. In one you play with people and compete to prove your metal and show off achievments, in the other the player is given a story and characters with whom he/she can identify with emotionally and invest in.

I prefer the latter personally as that's why I see games making the most innovation in the past 25 years of me gaming, the devs of games like these have always tried to come up with ways to "suck" players into the worlds they create to make the player feel more immersed.

Unfortunately this gen devs have learned that social gaming is where the money is at, call of duty, modern warfare and candy crush can all be compared in this regard... they are just bubble gum games with no real depth, no searching of any new cultures or hints at philosophical concepts just pretty graphics, passable gameplay and most importantly of all the hook of competetive gameplay.

This focus of online features and the need of games to focus on competitive online modes over deep one player story focused gameplay reminds me of the arcade machine boom in the 70's... the need to get the "high score" is similar to achievements and that competitive spirit drove street fighter 2 and mortal kombat arcade machines to massive popularity.... and they made the arcade industry collapse to.

I fear the internet is killing gaming as an entertainment medium and its stifling innovation... why should developers even try anymore when they know they have a winning formula with call of duty because people swallow up what is basically the same game year after year.

The same games being made over and over again will kill this industry as we know it just like the video game crash of the 80's... ms pacman didn't save them either

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malokevi1849d ago

I'm getting that same giddy excitement about next-gen offerings. The idea of Halo 5 keeps me awake at night. And Destiny... these games are going to bring online multiplayer to the next level.

IMO, anyways.

linkenski1849d ago

I share the same sentiment but I can't make up whether it's because I'm grown up now or whether it's because the industry has indeed become less innovative or "free".

I think it's the latter but I also think with every game I know it hurts to watch previews and dev interviews of a game before you play it because you go all meta-like when you play the game, whereas, when I was a child I just played games unaware of their publicity. I just got them as presents as such and played them solely on whether I thought they looked nice. That naturally led to more surprises because I had zero hype or pre-anticipation before I got to play them in most cases.

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Abriael1849d ago

It's increasingly difficult for me to get excited for Warren Spector's games.

NexGen1849d ago

Didn't he do Epic Mickey? Really was that innovative?

MyFeetHurt1849d ago

on the flip side, im getting increasingly excited by this guys beard.

zerocrossing1849d ago

It really is... I think that's because we often know what to expect, there's really nothing new and diffarent enough coming from the mainstream that would "blow our minds" so to speak.

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