Blu-ray and HD DVD picture quality set to improve

The image quality on Blu-ray and HD DVD discs is about to jump forward. Thomson says not only will TIGER AVC deliver better picture quality for both Blu-ray and HD DVD but it will also use less disc space, leaving more room for audio codecs, special features and functionality.

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Marriot VP4460d ago

nope, upscaling dvd's through vga for me. Don't need to re-buy DVD collection, buy a 200-1000 dollar premature player, and don't run the risk of chosing the wrong format.

I'll be off enjoying my HD experience risk and cost free

twistedlinks4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

I agree this all still needs time to play out, but boy it sure does sound exiting! No way will I be re buying my dvd collection, and I hope these new hd players don't go to everyones head. Regular dvd is still good and still has a use, as I'm sure it will for some time.

Bebedora4459d ago

PAUL: > You know you can play ordinary DVD:s as well on those players right? You cant possibly lose in an upgrade of a HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player

PS3n3604460d ago

40" samsung lcd hdtv and it came with a free upscaling dvd player which is hooked up with hdmi cable. The result is amazing on animated movies like shrek but alot of dvds dont look that hot. I guess that the quality of some dvds is better than others. Could this be from a poor transfer of the film to DVD? I gotta try out some more movies to see I guess.

HyperBear4460d ago

Ive got a 32" Samsung LCD HDTV, and the guy at Best Buy Told me, although it truely supports 480i/p, 720p and 1080i only, seeing is how it is using DNIe and other new tv technologies, that it could easily upscale any device to 1080p with a well working HDMI cable. Which is good for us, and why i bought it, cause although its not the true, real thing, but with HDMI with PS3 and VGA for Xbox 360, I can get true "Upscaled" 1080p images, and they will look better than 720p images, but not as good as True 1080p images. But its still better than having nothing, and a real expensive Samsung TV, and plus it was only $1199, not $2399 like the 1080p tvs.

FirstknighT4460d ago

You need discs that are digitally remastered from the original source to see an improvement when you upscale a dvd...the difference is noticeable.

For example 2002 Grease vs the newly released 2006 Grease...

HyperBear4460d ago

cause i think all this next-gen video games and dvd is awesome to get have. Plus this is most likely my last year enjoying and loving technology and video games, so i maight as well go all out and get Blu-Ray, HD DVD, XBox 360, PS3, and Wii. And its good that they are improving quality on the movies for Blu-Ray and HD DVD. Its prolly only good for me and a few other ppl, cause i know most ppl are not really excited about these next-gen DVD formats just cause of the price and how it is no-different than DVD's. But like i said, for me, seeing is this is prolly my last generation of being a techno freak and a gamer, i might as well go all out ad have everything next-gen right?

4me24459d ago

According to CNBC-World (cNBC that reports business news from markets around the world) says that one should expect 20 to 30% drop in LCD TV prices in the first months of 2007.

HD vs DVD.
Does anybody care that HD provides not only better picture but also SOUND. For me sound presents at least 30% of enjoyment of watching movie.

The other thing is if you have DVD collection you don't have re-buy anything, you can start new HD collection with new releases. DVD and HD prices are almost the same.

Marriot VP4459d ago

Hehe, I'm actually waiting for that. I didn't go read any articles but I thought after the PS3 launched and xbox 360 sells millions in the next couple months that prices would have to go down.

Right now I'm using a crappy 19" CRT, I have a vga in the mail for my 360. Does anybody know if my computer screen being 1600x1200 will be able to output 1080p. I know it's the same thing just curious. Not like it all. Just wondering.

In early 2007, I'm getting a samsung 23 LCD HDTV, so the whole 1080p thing won't matter. Not like it did in the first place but I'll still get DVD's upscaled.

dantesparda4459d ago

yes it will, but since its upscaled, it will not look as good as 720p (itll look blurrier). That plus is you go over your screens resolution than that will also make it blurrier

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