PS4 vs Xbox One - US Pre-Orders Update - Xbox One Gains Ground

"VGChartz has gathered the latest pre-order numbers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the US. The data is up to the week ending October 19, 2013. The last time the data was collected was the week ending August 24, 2013.

In the latest pre-order data the PlayStation 4 has gained 125,000 pre-orders for a total of 725,000 in the US. The Xbox One has managed to gain ground on the PlayStation 4 as it gained 175,000 pre-orders during the same time frame. The Xbox One currently sits at 525,000 pre-orders.

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JarqueMcLark2801d ago

Great to see Xbox One catching up!

trunkswd2801d ago

Not a surprise being US pre-order figures. It has always been Microsoft's strongest market. However, PlayStation 4 pre-orders are insane.

Lalanana2801d ago

Yes, No doubt. Both are getting some really good preorders.

4Sh0w2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

hmmm so if these numbers are close the console thats had all bad PR and nobody wants is only 200k behind in game preorders with likely a larger base waiting to make digital purchases and sitting at a little less than a mil console preorders vs a little little more than a mil for the competition= pretty good momentum. Still got to take vg chartz or any unofficial #s with a grain of salt.

Either way I think the important thing is that ALL signs point to us getting 2 great next gen consoles that will remain competitive for long after launch.

Gamingcapacity2801d ago

This is america where MS dominates. If these figures are correct and the PS4 is beating the X1 you can be sure PS4 is dominating in the rest of the world where its Sony ground

Eonjay2801d ago

This makes sense. Anyway. why is COD on Xbox One so much higher than all other Xbox One titles when PS4 is more balanced. Why are Xbox players so slanted against Battlefield 4?

NewMonday2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

this is because major USA retailers sold out of PS4 pre-order allocations

so even someone who is crawling would "catch-up" to someone standing still.

rainslacker2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


Why do people keep assuming that there is a huge difference between people who want to buy digital on X1 vs PS4? Is it because MS made a big deal about digital since the reveal? It makes no sense because Sony has been pushing digital a lot harder than MS this gen, and it seems to have quite a base of digital users given how the store has grown quite a bit in the last few years.

It seems to me that these numbers show MS doing better than reports on console hardware sales differences, or that X1 owners are going to be buying more games per console sold(attach rate) when the system launches.

Death2801d ago


It's VGC so it's pointless to argue these made up numbers. Your comment is based on what though? Standing still is 125,000 pre-orders and Xbox One's 175,000 is crawling? Zero would be standing still. Sold out would be zero. None available is zero. 125,000 is approx 125,000 more than zero. So what are you talking about?

No doubt the PS4 has had extremely good pre-sales by all indications. Why are you trying to discredit Xbox One sales though? It just reeks of insecurity and not grounded in reality at all. Both are doing well, but the PS4 is doing better.

PoSTedUP2801d ago

its getting harder and harder to preorder a ps4 in the us, ive completely given up. glad to see an almost equal ammount of KZ preorders as cod n bf, guerrilla deserves it. guerrilla making money is only a good thing for gamers because you know they put 110% into their games.

Thehyph2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Are there a lot of digital purchasers on Xbox 360? All of the people that I know with 360's would rather buy the physical copy every time.

Other side of the coin

Myself and anyone I know with a ps3 have made multiple digital purchases. PS Plus got me used to digital games on a console, and then plus sales keep coming along and make digital versions cheaper.

BTW I'm not trolling; I just don't understand this mentality that Xbox users will make more digital purchases than ps3 users when my experience has been the opposite.

I'm looking at the sales for this-and next-week on the PS Blog, and I can easily see why I own way more digital games than physical ones.

Edit: Here, and I presume all of Canada, the PSN doesn't charge tax; so, unless a game is on sale in store, it's always cheaper to buy the digital version. I don't know if this applies to other countries though.

NewMonday2801d ago


just a metaphor, sheesh!

QuickdrawMcgraw2801d ago

With MS Out selling Sony almost 2-1 in the US this gen.Sony has sure cut into MS home base.

falviousuk2801d ago

yes newmonday trolling crap about the xbox as usual.

States PS4 has sold out of pre-orders which is why the xbox is catching up, yet there were still 125,000 pre-orders made.

This is another example of the idiotic statement made by sony fanboys to spin anything round and around.

N4G should do a trawl and just ban the constant trolling from these non-gamers that are only ever interested in attempting to put the console down regardless of facts.

BattleAxe2801d ago

The article should read "Xbox One Gaining Ground in Call of Duty Pre-Orders" LMAO.

Look at those BF4 pre-orders for PS3....just another example of EA's stupid decision to start up a so-called 'strategic partnership'.....this has to be hugely embarrassing to EA's management.

StoutBEER2801d ago

@Eonjay Just want to say that not every Xbox player loves CoD before stupid people run their mouths. I hate CoD, spawn killing is the name of the game there. Battlefield 4 is currently the only game I have pre ordered for X1. And Halo is mah baby, where you have to actually aim to take down someone. But yea, its pretty sad to see, I just hope they stay the hell away from my games and stick with CoD. DX

DonFreezer2801d ago Show
Boody-Bandit2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Those are impressive number for Killzone :SF. Pretty damn good considering it's competing with the two top multiplatform shooters in the gaming industry. Well deserved. It's a great franchise.

I just can't wait for next gen to start already. I'm making changes to my gaming area (gaming room and adjacent theater) right now in preparation. All new seating and making a few sound upgrades as well. New generation, new toys to enhance the experience. Can't wait!

abzdine2801d ago

these numbers mean nothing cause they only concern pre-ordered games. And let's admit that the case, PS4 games are still over 350000 ahead in global pre-orders.

3 weeks to go guys!!! 3 damn long weeks!!!

Utalkin2me2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


Maybe you could use some logic instead of going into defense mode. Maybe that's all Sony had to left (125,000) to allocate for pre orders, hence afterwards being sold out. Not saying that is what happend.

But keep your little kid rants to yourself next time. You just got put on ignore, so i wont have to deal with you next time.

NewMonday2801d ago


to explain to you a bit of how retail works

for example 2 companies(A&B) "allocate" only 100k of a product to 100 retailers, 90 of them sellout of product A, while 50 sellout of product B..

..this means customers have a 50% chance of finding product B and only a 10% chance to find product A

minimur122801d ago

'we have just as mamy pre orders as the PS4'

Blackdeath_6632801d ago

surprised to see titanfall doing so badly considering how overhyped it was coming out of E3

SegaSaturn6692801d ago

@ Eonjay

They want that dog, dude.

Activision finally had a genius idea:

let's copy fable 2 and mix nintendogs into our game!

jmc88882801d ago

Wow...there are some real doozies in this discussion.

Sony fanboys didn't tell everyone that their console had to be online and that you couldn't trade games.


As I SAID EARLY ON....once Microsoft confirms or denies the rumors that will set the standard that will be talked about.

If Microsoft comes out and says there is game trading and offline restrictions...then there will still be MILLIONS of potential buyers who will STILL THINK THAT....even if they later RETRACT IT.

That's called common sense. When you have everyone's attention, that's when you give them the news.

If you told them the WRONG news, or news that would later be changed (i.e. 180), then they won't have the same opportunity to reach those people and the people those people talked to.

I can sit here and tell you Microsoft told Xbox Fans about these restrictions, and they will still be trying to re-educate their fans for YEARS.

In 2015, there will still be people, because of MICROSOFT, who still think you need to have the Xbox One connected, and all the other 180's.

How people can blame Sony for Microsoft's idiot message is incredibly sad.

The same thing goes with consoles pre-orders. Everybody has been saying it's sold out. Lots of people who want a console are waiting because they were told they're both sold out. Some have been told that the PS4 is they look for an Xbox One. Regardless, what will really drive the story is how each sells outside of the holiday and launch season when both are freely available and in stock.

So that's how you can have both consoles 'sold out', yet some still take orders, and how you can still have hundreds of thousands more sold. Because pre-order standards are different across the board with different companies setting each.

Some are still taking sales. Some aren't. Also the consoles didn't sell out together. Meaning when one really hit a guaranteed preorder sellout, the other didn't, and could continue to be sold.

So people need to look at what these really mean. What it tells you. What it DOESN'T tell you.

Also I don't see VGChartz as a 100 percent accurate and all inclusive of every console and game sold. For example it's notorious for not counting digital game sales.

Ezz20132801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

1. this is Vgchartz ....which is very unreliable site (never trust that site)

2.even if we believe those numbers
this is USA (the Holy Grail for xbox)
and the fact that ps4 is beating it in pre-orders in it own home.. tell the whole story
ps4 is pretty much gonna dominate the world wide sales
and having more pre-orders in USA too is not helping Xbox case at all

JokesOnYou2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Just as I thought X1 is doing very well despite the initial bad PR soon it will lead in the US once folks get their hands on it, then millions can dismiss the silly rumors and misinformation. That said its vg chartz so its just "ballpark" figures. Also yes micro has been leading the digital future vision which alot of X1 gamers are looking forward too so it only makes sense that X1 will see MORE digital sales than ps4, nobody saying both wont have more than last gen but clearly this is something by design that micro looks to move forward and establish with X1. In fact sonys stance is completely neutral, while micro is promoting it as the future and the way they are going forward/planning.

rainslacker2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


I was actually with you on your comment until this:

"Also yes micro has been leading the digital future vision which alot of X1 gamers are looking forward too so it only makes sense that X1 will see MORE digital sales than ps4"

Why do you say that? The initial backlash and lack or pre-orders wasn't because Xbox fans were looking forward to the digital future that MS was giving them. It also wasn't all from Sony fan boys. It seems to me many Xbox fans aren't too inclined towards a digital future.

Look, I'm sure there are a lot of people that are into digital. There were a lot this gen. The number of digital software sold has risen dramatically this gen, particularly in the last year, but it is still not close to retail purchases, especially in the home console market. In this, one has to assume, since these numbers aren't separated when reported by third parties, that the amount of digital content being sold between each system should be relatively even. I also highly doubt that a massive influx of people are eagerly anticipating buying all their games digitally come a new generation, as most of the kinks that hold DD back still exist. At this point in time there are just too many questions left unanswered about how much control a person has over those purchases, and if those purchases will even last past a single generation. DD is popular on PC, but consoles are an entirely different beast in this regard. In fact, some reports are already saying that it's unclear how PS1/2/3 digital purchases will carry on in the future, or wonder why PS1/2 isn't available through emulation on the PS4.

For my part, there is no way I would buy DD from any company that has shown such an anti-consumer stance on the idea of DD. What it all boils down to is that MS wanted control over my purchases, but offered little in the way of making that a attractive value to me.

"In fact sonys stance is completely neutral, while micro is promoting it as the future and the way they are going forward/planning."

That's right, but Sony has also been promoting DD heavily these past few years through PS+, PS+ sales, heavy redesigns for their stores, pre-loading games for day one release, etc. Sony hasn't been slouching, but they leave the choice up to the customer. In the end, Sony has made DD more attractive by not showing off that they want to control the software sold on their system, when in fact, it's not much different from what MS or other DD markets offer. They certainly don't tout it as the future, because they know that retail still trumps digital in a big way.

One other thing to note. Given that COD, a highly successful multi-plat title is relatively even with a slight edge on XB1 mean that the ratio of people that are buying it is about even across both consoles. I'm just asking for anyone to show any sort of evidence that a significant number of people buying an X1 are anticipating getting it digitally. I haven't seen a single report that suggests this. The only ones saying this are some people on forums, and their logic doesn't really make any sense.

Xer0_SiN2801d ago

4show: the numbers are nothing to go by console number wise. there are a lot of people that pre orderd consoles but didnt pre order games.

Fil1012801d ago

Hmmm some people are jus week I can`t forgive microsoft for the bs they tried to pull when they first annouced the xbone, ps4 for me

PSX042801d ago

playstation 4 still the best in the final result, i want to ask the Americans about the love story with Microsoft ???

boldstarr2800d ago

Time to buy SONY Stocks

aCasualGamer2800d ago

The number one nextgen sports title that truly has nextgen visuals, nba 2k14, isn't on the Xbox One top ten list... USA where the sports console is considered to be Xbox One... kinda surprising.

abradley2800d ago

I'd love to have known what the Wii U pre-orders were so we could roughly judge the info against what they sold in the first month. Might have given us a better idea on how many each next gen will sell in the coming month.

Can't find the figures anywhere online so if someone does run into them, please PM me with the link. Cheers.

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aceitman2801d ago

sonys preorder numbers 1,518,249 - ms has 1,151,980 sony ahead by 366,980 sony is doing well for being ms territory .

MorePowerOfGreen2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Disagreed again.

MSFT sells XB1 on Xbox live, in Microsoft stores and MSFT websites. XB1 is ahead of PS4. Wish MSFT had XB1 selling in all the places PS4 is though.

Also XB1 software tracking is pointless now. Xbox gamers will be going digital, waiting for those XB1 sharing features to return.

Darrius Cole2801d ago

Where did these numbers come from?

mxrider21992801d ago

@ morepowerofgreen why is everyone claiming this digital BS for Xbox one PS3 has had digital downloads for what 2 years now? so they have a way bigger base who would like to digitally DL then xbox does so even then the numbers could be even worse

nukeitall2801d ago

Whatever number you get at this point is pointless, because supply is constrained for both MS and Sony.

It says nothing about demand, but rather at best about the supply.

Even then, the grand scheme of even a few million units is miniscule for the overall lifetime sales.

To even get an indication you really have to wait until next holiday when more of the games are out, the direction is clear and the console is in peoples hand and the word of mouth and hype train starts.

It is pointless and too early to tell is my point!

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ThatCanadianGuy5142801d ago

These are imaginary numbers.Completely made up.

Wait for official, released numbers before anyone starts thumping their chests.

mhunterjr2801d ago

Or just don't pump your chests at all... In the last two generations, no one has "lost" as they've all made a lot of money and served a lot of customers. consoles sold isn't a great 'winners' metric as there is a bigger picture (software attach rate, online services, etc) The wii u might be the first 'loser' since the dreamcast, but its not out of the fight yet.

ArchangelMike2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

WOW!!! I really did not expect the PS4 pre-ordes to surpass the XbOne pre-orders on US soil. I thought it was just world wide pre-orders. I guess at launch PS4 will be clear in the lead.

The other thing that is interesting though is that all the multiplatform games (except COD:Ghost) are selling better on PS4 than XbOne.

thrust2801d ago

Ps4 pre orders will not surpass in USA your right

Computersaysno2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Its pretty astounding if PS4 can even beat Xbox one in North America only by a slim margin. Xbox 360 has a massive massive market share lead over PS3 there.

Sony look like they are going to take vast chunks out of Microsoft's primary number 1 market very early on!

God knows what the sales are going to look like in current Sony lead markets.

2801d ago
Caffo012801d ago

rofl the first exclusive on xbone is on 5th place with only 90k preorders, it seems xbone fans are buying it solely for (inferior) multiplatform titles..

Death2801d ago


Maybe they buy the inferior versions for the superior online service? Some actually prefer game play and the overall gaming experience over graphics. Just a thought.

bryam19822801d ago

And USA Just imagine how well is ps4 kicking ass in europe and poor xbone

Caffo012801d ago

Don't make me laugh.. Superior online service?sure, like the one that used to make users pay for p2p while ps3 had dedicated servers for first party games and was free? the one you have to pay to access netflix and other services? The one that tried to screw us with the drm? Yeah, that's the better online service /s

Death2800d ago


Once again, it comes down to online play. Ease of access and ease of use make it the better choice. It looks like Sony is making big strides with the PS4. If free access to Netflix makes the gaming experience better for you, then that is great. To me,being able to access all of my friends, start up a group chat regardless where they are online and send out a group invite makes online more fun. As for dedicated servers, how did that make your game experience better than mine? I honestly have no idea when I played on a server or over p2p. Isn't that the important part?

As for the whole DRM thing, I absolutely liked the idea of being able to rip all my games to my consoles HDD and access them from anywhere and any time. All my consoles are connected 24/7 already and I've never gone 24 hours without service. Even if I ever do, I own a cell phone that I can use as a hotspot to transfer the small file needed once every 24 hours to verify my library.

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allformats2801d ago

Nice to see. The Watch Dogs and Driveclub affected Sony. But PS4 still strong.

ape0072801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

yeah but they still have to make a kinectless SKU at 350$

i guess they're testing the waters with mandatory kinect 2.0 the first 6 months or so till E3 and see if the snap/voice command/skype/camera integration are gonna catch with people or not

i say they'll introduce a white kinectless xbox one at 350$ after showing halo 5 and releasing Titanfall This E3, mark my words

UncleGermrod2801d ago

I also think they will wait to see how well the kinect sku sells at 500, and if they need to then they may sell a second sku with out it. I don't know how soon, but a year seems a bit early. I wouldn't be all too surprised though if they do indeed make a move around fall 2014 with halo/titanfall. Then again, I would think MS would rely on these titles to sell systems next fall rather than drop price...but we'll see

Nocando2801d ago

Microsoft will never, ever release a Kinectless box. So tired of seeing this ignorant statement.

Blaze9292801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

places here in Maryland have been taking PS4 pre orders since february vs Xbox One pre orders since August.

5 month difference in the states and there's only a ~200,000 difference with Xbox One gaining ground quickly at a higher price point and "bad PR".

I think that's very important to notice. And i don't know why people are like "this is america where microsoft dominates."

wut? They've only been successful for one generation vs Sony's three. The fact that its the USA means nothing seeing as the playstation brand is more known and popular.

Dno2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

M$ has killed sony here in the USA since 2005 that's 8 years. Kids have been born and grew up on the xbox brand now. this post you wrote is invalid.

Its a huge thing that sony is beating M$ here in the US just like it was when M$ we beating sony.

Aceman182801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )


Blaze is right it's only ONE generation as the PS3 is Sony 3rd generation system, and MS 2nd generation system.

Microsoft has only done well for ONE generation here in the USA. so it's not a big deal that it has swung the other way since Sony has been in the gaming business for almost 20 YEARS.

nypifisel2801d ago

What kind of silliness is this? I grew up with Nintendo consoles that doesn't mean I'll exclusively buy them. When PS1 came out my dad bought that for me cause he thought it was a better value with games being cheaper for instance and also of course the stellar new games. Brand loyalty is stupid. The PS4 will lead in the US for the simple fact that it is cheaper - and remarkably a more powerful machine as well.

AngelicIceDiamond2801d ago

@Jarque Don't worry about the disagrees. N4G and its anti Xbox nonsense is practiced daily here. Your disagrees will only get worse I'm afraid.

I don't why fanboys can't be happy with whatever console they have. And simply ignore the console they obviously hate.

Yeah, the higher priced console is surprisingly gaining ground.

Sony will rule this holiday season none the less. Next year should be interesting though. After holidays.

x5exotic2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Another reason not to buy X-box: More cod fans.

(replace the letter n with g in the last word if you will... hehe; N 4 G)

TechMech22801d ago

Another reason not to buy a ps4: more fanboys

GamerzElite2801d ago

Most hyped game Ryse: Son of Rome - 82,888

malokevi2801d ago

Count me in on that. Digidownload day 1.

malokevi2801d ago

For all the ranting from PS4 fans about multiplat preorders on PS4 killing those on XB360, this list sure doesn't speak to that. COD is quite a lot higher on the XB1 than it is on the PS4.

I guess it goes to show where the casual audience is heading.

Magicite2801d ago

X1 the console of call of duty

TechMech22801d ago

X1 the console of halo and online multiplayer

1Victor2801d ago

FAKE AND BAKED numbers as always

CRAIG6672801d ago

Here in the UK me and most of my friends are getting the xbox first, I will be buying both consoles but a few people I know will just stick with the xbox.