Infinity Ward to Re-take the Call of Duty Reins?

Next-Gen learned from an ex-Activision Underground employee on Monday that Infinity Ward, developer of November's CoD4, recently prompted a renegotiation of its contract with parent Activision so that the studio would be the sole developer of the FPS series.

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sehnsucht3832d ago

Hopefully this is true...I've enjoyed the IW editions much more than the others...

RecSpec3832d ago

Unfortunately this will diminish the series. IW usually have had 2 years to work on a game, but if they are the only developer for it, they will only have one year per game. Activision WILL release a new COD every year, until the sales start to drop out (3 new Guitar Hero games in the works right now). If they only have one team working on those games, that's just bad news.

Lifendz3832d ago

IW nailed it. Please let them be the sole developer. I'm curious as to what their engine will look like the second time around. Imagine the improvements they'll make.

socomnick3831d ago

Lifeends dont expect too many improvements. To me Cod 4 looks almost the same as cod 2 exect it has Assault rifles. :/ the graphics are almost the same they have a very similar look. I just wish Infinity ward would tone down the running and strafing speed its like the people are on crack they run at 10 mph.

Jack Bauer3832d ago

treyarch CoDs give CoD a bad name, hope it is true

Close_Second3832d ago

...was not all that bad and was an improvement over COD2 - just not much of an improvement.

As for COD4...worst f**king lobby system ever, sniping is still only for those who don't like to use skill to play, martyrdom perk is pure stupidity. Sure, COD4 is the best of the series but there is still LOTS of room for improvement.

Final note: IW needs to enlist outside help to ensure that their next game features a next-gen lobby system and not the stinking dogs turd of lobby system used for COD4.

Science_NERD3831d ago

Sniping take no skill? Pah-lease! Sniping is the hardest thing to do in CoD4. It takes no "skill" to run around with an m60 or machine gun and keep shooting randomly untill you hit the guy. You are one of the e-tards that cant use a sniper rifle. If sniping takes such little skill, then why isnt everyone a sniper? The douchebags are the ones that run around and use the g-launcher for one hit kills. I suggest you go play any game of CoD4 witha sniper rifle and see ho fast youll die, you svck more than a vortex or black hole caused by a collapsing star

CaliGamer3832d ago

Think if you are a normal consumer who enjoyed Modern Combat then next year you see another CoD and think it will be just as good only to find out that it was made by some second rate developer, you would be seriously turned off.
IW has made so much money and been so successful that I don't think they would like the name of their future products potentially tainted by a something like this.

Lets all hope this is true.

LazyPhalanges3832d ago

but the day still has about another 23 hours for me, so that could change.

LeonSKennedy4Life3832d ago

Bubbles for making my day rock!

TheIneffableBob3832d ago

I hope they go back to World War II.

jkhan3832d ago

Well I agree, in a way I want to see a WW II game in proper next gen graphics etc. It will be really fun.

alster233832d ago

yeah maybe just one more WW2 game done right before we leave it

NDN_Shadow3832d ago

Just one more won't cut it. If IW makes another and it sells well, then other developers/publishers will still believe they can make money off of another WWII game. It's best just to let the setting die, and don't resurrect it for a long while.

NOTORIOUSzeke3832d ago

I do not want to see another WW II shooter. It's played out. It's old. It's boring. That horse has been beaten. COD4 is a step foward and that's why it is so damn successful. They need to follow that trend instead of taking another step back.

Bolts3832d ago

There is nothing wrong with WW2 as long as it is done RIGHT. Case in point, the original CoD and CoD 2 which retained some sort of sim like online combat. CoD 3 was pure crap because it was too arcade and dumbed down.

It doesn't matter anyways, Brothers in Arms 3 is coming out and it looks freaking amazing. Its about time we have an none Epic UT3 engine game that doesn't look dated.

NO_PUDding3832d ago

Glad to find like minded people.

WWII is a fantastic setting. And infact it's the only game I respect, sicen it alwasy does a member from each country on the Allies, which is so great for everyone playing.

And if it's like CoD4, but in WWII, imagine how awesome that would be. Lot's of the great thgins about it were unspecific to the time period, it was just the variation of missions, and surprises.

Fluffy2Duffy3832d ago

Nah! Modern warfare is better nowadays, WW2 games suits Brother in arms better as the story makes more sense than COD series, COD series for online is great but not story mode. Please note: my opinion.

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