League Of Legends Champion Review: Jinx, The Loose Cannon | VGU

"There are tons of champions in League of Legends, but only a select few of them can be classed as funny or wacky champions. These guys are the flavour of the game, and give it a nice sense of hilarity to go with the gameplay. With this said, we now have a new wacky champion to add onto the list, Jinx. She is a loose cannon that gets a ton of frills from blowing things up and using her array of weapons, but is she as playable as she looks? Let's reload our miniguns and find out."

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3137d ago
MajorGecko3137d ago

i haven't played her yet but I just supported her with lux and got her fed and she destroyed everyone definitely need to nerf irelia

RBlue_Desire3137d ago

Well one of my LoL friend does own Jinx and boy, she sure kicks ass alot. So much that she needs to get nerfed a bit too. And her rocket is too much of op ultimate.

R_aVe_N3137d ago

One of the best champions released in awhile in my opinion.