Sony Plans New PS3 Display

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is (slowly) getting the PlayStation 3 into the consumer eye. Last week, the company put the PS3 on display at an event in Akihabara, Tokyo's electronics capital. This week marks the start of retail demo kiosks which will eventually appear in 1000 shops throughout Japan.

But the PS3 will be best represented at Sony's own store. Set for display at the Sony store in Tokyo's Ginza district is a deluxe version of the PlayStation TV demo units that will appear at retailers. The display will house four separate systems and monitors, allowing the public to try out Devil May Cry 4, Power Smash 3, Gran Turismo HD and Ridge Racer 7, as well as view 30 promotional video clips.

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Daytona4464d ago

I thought all this secret sony stuff said it would have them out in late october?

No problem, I'm busy playing splinter cell until I get Gears of War in a fews days. Nov.7th.

Daytona4464d ago

Does anyone have them out yet in their area?

Dlacy13g4464d ago

I live in the Bay Area in California and I have not seen one Sony kiosk anywhere. Now I will say, I have not been to the Sony store up in SF so I can't say I know for a fact that they are not here....but its a pretty bad sign that with less than 20 days til launch and they have nothing out there for the public.

Then again....maybe Sony figures why bother? I mean seriously, if you think about it all their consoles at launch are pretty much already sold so there is no need to push it to the public for the launch. Really they just need the kiosks up for post launch so they can advertise to those lucky enough to get one on the next shipment whenever that may be.

DJ4464d ago

So they could put the kiosks up in December and it still wouldn't matter.

12Volt4464d ago

Is there a Sony store in NYC?